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Zane Maser

Over the last few years, many, if not most of us, have undergone intense moments and periods of change and uncertainty. These we tend to resist because of the disruption and ambiguity that results. Some part of us feels change to be an upsetting, unwelcome guest with an unfamiliar face, who disturbs our safe havens. Isn't it interesting that the most fluid and changeable planetary body, speeding through the zodiac in an approximate 28-day-cycle, is the body most concerned with protective belonging, emotional security, and known comforts? But the Certainty Law of the Universe is that life circulates in an on-going rhythm of uncertainty and constant flux.

Circulation, when rightly accepted, is a spiritual keynote of life in its endless processes of birth, becoming, awakening, and dying. Within this continually responsive movement of energy, there is also reliable predictability. All existence flows within two archetypal pairs (the principle of polarity), such that these two mirror forces are complimentary opposites and equal in magnitude. In his Third Law of Motion, Newton shows that all the dynamic, dual energies of life are present within one another and mutually dependent: an action begets a consequence, passivity explodes into reactivity, light shades to darkness, an exhalation follows an inhalation, a constraint bursts forth in excess, old man winter hides the seeds of summer's colorful bloom. The end of this year begins the next, as all pairs are joined in relationship.

Here on Earth, our individual lessons arrive through the continual interplay of contrast and comparison. Attraction draws us forward one moment, while we are later repelled by something else. Hackles of a competitive zeal drive us toward victory over an opponent, only to give way in another moment to conciliatory gestures that fairly accommodate the needs of all concerned. This is the constantly responsive process of reconciling and integrating equally strong but opposing forces. Otherwise, if we focus exclusively on one pole, say that of never-ending dieting, we inadvertently strengthen the shadow side of metabolic sluggishness and of secret binging until it erupts with an equal ferocity.

Oppositions are purposeful so that we can eventually merge inter-locking pieces into a peaceful harmony and wholeness, personified by the perfectly balanced scales of Libra, the sign of "relationship" halfway through the zodiac. Until early October 2012, self-disciplining Saturn is traveling through Libra, the sign of its exaltation, where it is exceptionally powerful, thus lending cosmic assistance to any efforts we make toward attaining agreement, equilibrium, and tranquility. In order to achieve the poise of self-mastery, Saturn is relentless in its reflection of what is actually within us and what we ourselves have previously created. No wonder wisdom suggests that if we hope to transcend our outer self we must "befriend Saturn, the guardian of the threshold."

Another portrayal of this inclusiveness is the dot within the center of the Circle, symbol of the mighty Sun, the dot being our innate God-self. Its message is that all things are already present, within, ready to come forth. Not surprisingly, the Sun is involved with the circulation of the life force and blood throughout the body—regulating inflow and outflow. In a holistic approach, like foot reflexology, tenderness or pain on the foot suggests a congested organ or area of the body wherein a full flow of life-giving blood is obstructed. As Nature intends vitality, once the constriction is unblocked, health is restored as circulation rushes throughout the whole system. Acupuncture, in a similar manner, works on the body's meridians to re-establish the passage of precious chi.

We all know the energetic truism that what goes around returns in similar quality. White Eagle would term this the eternal Law of Balance manifesting in every aspect of life—a thought or action brings a corresponding reaction in body and mind. He also tells of the scientific law that ensures when love goes out it meets its equivalence of love. Jesus' promise in Matthew 21:22 could easily be restated as, All things whatsoever ye shall circulate in love, believing, ye shall receive. Consider the esoteric symbol of a circular path. It implies that what is put forth comes back, from the personal level to the scale of the vast, steady rhythms of the Universe. The more precise symbol would be a spiraling path, because in our evolutionary journey we ideally move higher and higher to walk new territory, even if hard won inch by inch through suffering and sacrifice.

On December 21, the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere and the marking of the Winter Solstice, the final earth sign, Capricorn (the mountain goat) is born. Saturn, planet of the adept and of perfection in form, is the lord of this cardinal turning point, when we celebrate the birth of the Christ light in the newborn babe lying in the manger. During this phase of the year, when the life pulse appears at its lowest, the outer landscape is chilled and often frozen as it quietly bides its time and patiently gathers strength within, awaiting, with certainty, spring's rebirth and the return of the sun's warmth. "In the midst of winter," wrote Albert Camus, "I found within me an invincible summer." In the Divine life, we are forever at the beginning.

As the year darkens, fades, and dies, an increased outpouring of spiritual light on Earth offsets it. The symbolism of the three gifts of the Magi conveys yet another example of this complimentary movement of opposites: the spiral way of illumination includes the sweetness of frankincense and the bitterness and sorrow of myrrh, but together they create pure, spiritual gold. The festival of the Christ Mass brings the joy-filled message of the spiritual Sunlight—reborn in the heart of every person in the form of the trusting, innocent, pure child. Each of us can be fully transformed when we open our consciousness and whole being to the profusion of this golden Life Force.

Saturn, considered the King (in Visual Astrology), bestows his fatherly wisdom upon his children at this celebratory closure/beginning of the year. The profound significance of both Saturn and Capricorn is a deeply comforting one of faith that all our needs are provided within the Divine Plan. The realization dawns that, in the end, we can do nothing of our earthly self, but more important it is the Divine Father who governs all life in its perfect rhythm and harmony. Ultimately, we either trust in Divine Care or fear the unknown. It is the humble, childlike heart, bowing in thankfulness to Christ the Son, who attains the greatest treasure: the ever-present, ever-circulating, ever-available Love of our Father-Mother God shines in fullness all days of the year. The blessings of the Christ Mass are perpetually present when we surrender our egos and live from our Higher nature—a state of being wherein there is no time or duality of experience, no white or black—only the unity of life and the Self balancing the self. Divine Love touches Earth through the human heart.

© Zane Maser 2010.
This article was published in Drumbeat, Journal of the White Eagle Lodge (Canada), Volume 18, Issue 3, pages 11-13 (2010).


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