Dear Chris-

I don't think you remember who I am because we met so briefly when I was helping Katherine and Ed while they were making the "Green Report-weekend with Chris Maser." You were facilitating, peacekeeping, and teaching a group at odds over a headland forest in … Boulder Creek, CA. I was helping with the camera work.

I enjoyed the weekend because I witnessed people who completely didn't agree on the answers—logging or laying down in front of a logging truck to try to prevent further 'destruction' of the headlands [to be logged] being the opposite ends of the debate. By the time you were done teaching everyone about the bugs and reasons to leave naturally downed trees (to rot and feed nature's renewal), I believe there was a compromise reached.

One early morning, I have to confess, that you taught me that I can't hate people who don't agree with my opinions on nature, war, [or] anything anymore because you told me that anything we humans do is "natural" or "human;" therefore, even it its "WRONG" or damaging, they're just being human. As they say, this was a watershed discovery for me and changed my mind about my fellow human beings.

I called once from San Jose, CA, where I used to work and spoke to you about your books and work in the garden. I wanted to stay in touch with you because I admired you. I am not offended if you don't remember me. And I thank you for inspiring me.


Susan Hyde