Boulder Creek, CA.

December 9, 1997

To Whom It May Concern:

Chris Maser was retained by the San Lorenzo Valley Water District to provide facilitation and education for a 16-member Citizens Advisory Committee on October 25 and 26, 1997. The Committee had been appointed by the Board of Directors to develop recommendations for the use or disposition of 1,400 acres of redwood forestland straddling the upper San Lorenzo River near the headwaters.

The Committee, representing an extremely diverse spectrum of interest groups, had been struggling for four months to define the issues, much less come to any consensus. Mr. Maser's two-day Conference was instrumental in educating Committee members about the fundamental ecological processes that are intrinsic in conifer ecosystems. With this fundamental common knowledge, the Committee was able (with continued facilitation by Mr. Maser) in formulating a consensus.

I would recommend Mr. Maser's services to any group who is struggling to formulate a decision concerning forested land. His extensive knowledge of forest ecosystems, coupled with unparalleled mediation abilities, without question led to the Committee's coming to a consensus. I would recommend Chris Maser's services to any group without hesitation.


Al Haynes
Watershed and Planning Analyst