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Zane Maser

Where an individual has been wounded, there lies the greatest capacity to offer healing-since you must first learn to heal yourself.
Liz Greene

I recently experienced a painful meltdown in a friendship. It showed me, in a dramatic way, how powerful an eclipse can be when it activates something personal in an astrological birth chart, as it did so in mine. When something is personally triggered, eclipses have a reputation for rearranging the energies in our lives, sometimes in rather unforeseen, startling, troublesome ways! Since my own personal encounter, I have come to think of eclipses as having the potential to be spectacular re-set buttons.

When it happens, it can be terribly disconcerting and agonizing. But in the end, hopefully, it turns out to be a good thing. Something—more often than not stagnant or blocked energy—is moved out so something new can move in. Personal evolution and the larger, panoramic scale of evolution always move in fits and starts, with big surges or bursts and then long periods of quiescence. An eclipse connecting to something personal in one's natal chart is the BIG burst!

The energy of the Solar eclipse that occurred on July 11th took a direct, gut punch at me—quite unexpectedly! But the highly charged "friend event" took place four weeks before the actual eclipse, de-stabilizing our relationship to the extent that our communication virtually ceased. In retrospect, this emotional crisis seemed to be the demarcation point, portending and amplifying the life-changing rumblings in the background. The detonation had occurred. Shifts were afoot.

Eclipses can have a window of effect 90 days prior to and after they occur, if one is personally affected, as occasionally happens. They cast their tone or the highlighted theme ("friendship" as it was for me) forward in the emotional, inner work to be accomplished. In the case of a solar eclipse (where the Moon obscures the light of the Sun—the unconscious symbolically overrides the conscious mind), our "shadow" self can force itself upon us so there is very little wiggle room. Hence, a personally relevant eclipse can be a kindly "invitation" or poignant "demand" (if one does not listen or respond to the call) for a person to take a fresh look at an old devilish problem or challenge as suggested by the area of life (called a "house" in the chart) symbolized by the planet, angle, or point being "eclipsed."

Not surprisingly, the Solar eclipse at the July New Moon—the moon phase considered as a time of beginnings or the emergence of a new cycle—happened in the area of my chart associated with friendships (the 11th house), which set the focus of my emotional work! The degree of the eclipse (at 19°24' in the sign of Cancer) was in exact opposition to my natal Chiron, which activated a new phase of healing for me with my friend. The eclipse was a disrupting signal that elements of our pattern of relating were outmoded and that we were on the threshold of a major new chapter. Cancer, ruled by the Moon, symbolizes instinctual issues related to our feelings about survival, security, safety, our capacity to nurture and be nurtured, and the longing to belong—still another mechanism that concentrated the issues I needed to address.

As one of the major, "hard" aspects in astrology, the tension-producing opposition is a planetary angle of 180° (when exact). In and of itself, an opposition tends to bring things to a head in such a way that we are asked to see the other person's perspective and to reconcile the 20% of our differences and honor the 80% of our similarities. An opposition's purpose (either in the natal chart or in the current planetary picture) is to provide the circumstance to learn the give and take of balance and unity.

Oppositions are also known to set in motion a crisis or learning situation in a relationship or through the vehicle of another individual, thus potentially releasing positive energy in a way that shows us a facet of our self we may have projected onto the "other." To this extent, if there is disharmony lurking within me, I may attempt to cast my burden outwards. The work of the July eclipse, however, was saying, "first heal and honor my inner friend, then shall there be harmony and balance with your outer friend." She is my lovely mirror, while Chiron is my guidance counselor pointing the way.

Named after the centaur in Greek mythology, Chiron is the wounded healer and wise teacher. He could heal others who came to him but paradoxically could not ever heal him self even though he desperately sought out all possible curative agents. Remember that the centaur suffered a wound when a poison-soaked arrow accidentally hit him. As the one who reveals our inner, chronic wounds, Chiron's energies assist us to focus our attention on what needs to be healed first within—and how we learn from the profound mysteries of our own demons of fears, deepest traumas, ancient emotional wounds, secrets, and patterns of blockages—and then outwardly to the healing needed in our surrounding environs.

When Chiron is activated by the current planetary landscape, as it was in my chart with the solar eclipse, it can usher in a yet another phase of our healing process so that we can access weaknesses or the lame parts of us that lurk under the radar of consciousness. Old, restrictive forms of holding in and holding on can be released. Chiron's teachings may be some of our most difficult learning, but through its noble processes and gifts we are made whole and holy, if we choose to embark on that journey. In the end, we have the potential to attain a greater degree of personal understanding and liberation whenever Chiron kicks up the dust in our life and psyche.

Excruciating as it was, those weeks of initiation were a crucial turning point. At the time of feeling so shattered, however, I had to hold on in pure faith to the thought that 'all is working together for good.' It was a heart-sore period for me, as it also was for my dear friend, but the solar eclipse, serving as a catalyst of release and real growth, gave us the space to each sort out in our own ways the sad rubble of our long-time, close connection. It allowed us to bring our energy circuits "home" and re-evaluate. I frankly had no idea how it was going to turn out. I spent many a surrendered moment in prayers of forgiveness and release. . .

If you have patience and faith and trust,
All your problems will be worked out.

White Eagle

A temporary breakdown or failure, in whatever form it appears, is often a very good portent. Nothing is ever a mistake. Nothing is ever without evolutionary purpose. Our inward foundation can be strengthened through the much-needed lessons we learn, such as humility of spirit, once we come through the refining fires of failure and healing into a greater luminosity. The eclipsed light naturally brightens again. Breakdowns in such relationships as a close friendship, where we are called to let go and release old patterns and energy, can soften and renew the heart. The heart becomes suppler, gentle, and tenderized.

The dynamics in our friendship have shifted. We cleaned out some old, emotional skeletons. Misunderstandings saw the light of day. Silly sensitivities have been released and healed. The boundaries are clearer. Communication is deeper. And the lamp of friendship, burning brighter than before, has shown us the doorway into a more evolved, loving level of relating. The eclipse did indeed re-set the buttons!

When we honestly ask ourselves which persons in our lives mean the most to us,
we often find it is those who, instead of giving advice, solutions, or cures,
have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds
with a warm and tender hand. The friend who can be silent with us
in a moment of despair and confusion, who can stay with us in an hour
of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing, not curing,
not healing and face with us the reality
of our powerlessness, that is a friend who cares.

Henri Nouwen

© Zane Maser 2010. All rights reserved worldwide.


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