September 25, 1990

Dear Chris:

This is to express my sincere appreciation for your willingness to attend and make a presentation at our Conference on the Restoration of Old-Growth Forests last week. My perception is that the meeting was an unqualified success. Your presence, presentation and participation in the discussions, both formal and informal, were critical to that success.

The success of the meeting notwithstanding, we both know that it was merely a start in the right direction. Our charge now must be to assimilate all of the material presented, answer those six questions that you posed, and synthesize our program for restoring old-growth forests to these Ouachita Mountains. I trust that you will grant me leave to call on you from time to time for advice as we progress in this endeavor. Again, on behalf of the Ouachita National Forest, thank you.


John M. Curran
Forest Supervisor
Ouachita National Forest