California Indian Forest and Fire Management Council
Executive Board

President, Nolan C. Colegrove, Hoopa Valley Tribe; Vice-President, Roland Raymond, Yurok Tribe; Secretary/Treasurer, Brian Rueger, Tule River Tribe; Board Member, John Azbill, Round Valley Indian Tribes; Board Member, Harold Tripp, Karuk Tribe

April 26, 1999

Dear Chris:

On behalf of the California Indian Forest and Fire Management Council, I would like to thank you for putting on a great workshop at Hoopa. The response that I have gotten back from the attendees has been very positive. Each of them seemed to have been sparked by your presentation. The Yurok Tribe, Round Valley Tribe, Hoopa Tribe, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs participants each commented on how much they learned and how they developed a thought process to look at how a forest functions, rather than focus on the individual components.

One of the key portions of the class was the importance of down woody material. We as foresters too often tend to only look at economics as the sole factor to consider as having value. Until your workshop, many of us viewed down wood in the forest the traditional way, however, now we are able to see the importance of it in relationship to the overall function it plays in the forest.

The workshop went beyond our current thinking in other ways as well, such as what role down woody material plays in the function of oceans. Not many of us had understood the vital role of wood in oceans. Overall, the workshop was very informative, your presentation style was excellent, which resulted in a great workshop.

I hope that our paths will meet again someday, until then, I wish you the best.


Nolan C. Colegrove
Exec. Board President