Garden Hose

     Did you ever consider what an incredible invention a garden hose is? Just think, someone began casting about in their mind to find a way to conduct water over dry land to a particular destination for a particular purpose. In order to do so, language, the storehouse of knowledge, including experiences, was called upon to see what intellectual ingredients might be archived in words that could depict the image of a tube through which water could be conducted. Could the observation of a blood vessel have been the original model for the idea? Or a hollow piece of grass? Or perhaps a piece of bamboo, which is also a grass?
     Once the shape was ensconced in the person's mind, words had to be found to convey the various kinds of materials that could be used, where they were located, how to access them, and how to mold them in order to created a cohesive whole that would maintain its shape. The next step might have been to figure out how to connect the "hose" to a supply of water with sufficient pressure to force the water through the elongated tube. Hence, with time, an evolving idea, and persistent experimentation, a garden hose came into being.
     Then, someone began to wonder how to create a hose that would guide most of the water from one end to the other, but not all of it. The first idea may have been to punch small holes along the length of a hose so that little fountains of water could claim freedom from their rushing confinement. But such a hose would not water evenly. There had to be a better way.
     Create a hose that would guide most of the water from one end to the other, but not all of it, hummm. How could one make a hose that would emit a desired quantity of water along its entire length? Materials needed to be found with which to fashion a hose that would "weep" or "leak" in the desired way. Again, language was consulted for somewhere within its labyrinth of meaning lay the answer. The result is the "soaker-hose" I have just embedded in the soil of my flowerbed.

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