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Zane Maser

In stillness and silence, the Light of Inspiration comes.

Words cannot easily convey the inner wisdom. Beyond the thinking of the busy earthly mind is the deeper, living reality. It is the feeling, the inspiration that comes through the heart, thereby animating the true essence of life. This is the realm from which our spiritual or celestial assignments come, like God's instant messaging to us. Within the heart, we hear.

This internal guidance system points us in the true direction for doing the Work of God in our everyday life. Rather than working on the shallower, ephemeral level of the ego and outer personality, where stress, strain, and discontent abide, this higher level of work requires that our eyes and heart be fixed on the Eternal Presence. When we directly experience this timeless connection to the Source, everything opens up. And there is a different quality of consciousness present in our doing. It is the ease and flow of workless work, of creative brilliance.

This is work motivated from an entirely different place, wherein the gaze is canted inward and upward. All "self-ness," all reactiveness based on anything external falls away. While in this space of reverential work, the reservoir of energy is boundless because everything superfluous disappears. We are full of God, so the simplest task is imbued with love. You become a pencil, as Mother Teresa described it, or God's secretary, as Beethoven called it, or God's ambassador, as White Eagle likened it. Even the Jedi knight, Darth Vadar, knelt in complete surrender and devotion to receive instruction:  "What is thy bidding, my Master?" Each is the Lord's in the world, as St. Francis put it. Thérèse of Lisieux adds, "Whose hands are God's hands but our hands?"

Along with concerns about relationships, astrologers are most often asked about work, career, life purpose, or "What am I meant or destined to do with my life?" In the birth chart, this is shown mostly by the state of the 10th house, its ruler, and the planets therein. As the highest pinnacle of the chart, this "professional" realm is meant to be one of clarity and practical vision about our life direction with the sense of clear-seeing that the mountaintop bestows. Still, there are tons of books, lectures, classes, and retreats that attract people by the drove seeking an answer to these very questions.

The light of knowing, however, comes not from an external source or the outer world's hurry but from quiet stillness as God inwardly whispers the assignments meant for us. Whether we consciously know it, life is a process of waiting, waiting for the footsteps and voice of God. At age 17, Florence Nightingale heard God's voice "call" her; thereafter, despite much family and societal opposition, she always knew her life's mission. Years later, she became known as "the lady with the lamp" through her selfless, merciful acts of caring for the wounded soldiers of Britain. Like Florence, those who are alert within act from their own center because they believe and thus accept their inner instruction. They don't second-guess God! Joseph Campbell spoke of this awakened attention as "follow your bliss." If you realize that wherever you are standing—now—is holy ground, then your heart does indeed know exactly what it wants and what its holy assignments are.

Although all the planets speak in their own way to some facet of this inner receptivity, Mercury and Jupiter, known as the planets of wisdom, are closely tied to the permeability of the mental bodies and the unfoldment of higher consciousness. Being so nimble, Mercury, the messenger link between matter and spirit, guides the power of thought and all forms and levels of communication. Raphael, the Angelic Ambassador of Mercury, is associated with prayer and our higher thoughts and aspirations as they wing heavenward. The angels of Mercury, being so near to the radiant Sun, are of the pure golden ray of divine wisdom, and they help to infuse our soul with the spiritual light that eventually illuminates every cell of our being.

Jupiter, planet of heavenly understanding and the higher mind, symbolizes the expanded awareness that results from spiritual in-sight. Mercury and Jupiter are the rulers of the 3rd and 9th houses—those related to Gemini and Sagittarius. These mental areas of the chart represent the portals of the outer and higher mind. Jupiter's 9th house was called the "House of God" and is considered by some as the most important house from a spiritual perspective. Planets located here tend to manifest at a higher vibratory level.

In terms of these two planet's subtle differences in breadth and depth, it is worth noting that Mercury is weakened or ill-placed (in detriment) in the signs ruled by Jupiter (Sagittarius and Pisces), and Jupiter is weakened (in detriment) in the signs ruled by Mercury (Gemini and Virgo). Mercury is often associated with the detailed, smaller picture, while Jupiter's kingly nature is to enlarge and broaden into a grand scheme of things. Mercury is the third or wisdom ray, and Jupiter is connected with the seventh or amethyst ray, known to be the subtlest of the rays and linked primarily with the higher spiritual bodies.

Mercury governs how we perceive and rules the voice, speech, and hearing. The more watchful and prepared we become as God's true workers, the more our soul can respond to the transcendental quality of the Mercurial Ray. No wonder the mythical Mercury was pictured with two sets of wings—one pair on his feet for swiftness and another on his crown as antennae for celestial communion. As the outer mind yields its control to rest in tranquility and becomes harmoniously attuned to the higher self, the soul becomes Christ's abode. Teresa of Ávila spoke of this pure state of non-grasping when she wrote, "who God possesseth in nothing is wanting." In her terms, this would be entering the Interior Castle of Divine Wisdom!

Many legendary writers, speakers, singers, and musicians have a strong or prominent Mercury and/or Jupiter, as well as major planets often in the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) and/or the cadent houses emphasized (especially the 3rd and 9th houses). Mercury is linked with the throat chakra. Frequently, this center becomes responsive for those working on the third ray, manifesting at times as heightened clairaudience or, more often, as a focused beam of light that stimulates both the head and throat chakras, resulting in exceptional creativity capacity. These mercurial individuals function as God's inspired receptors and then as transmitters so that universal wisdom is grounded and useable on the earthly level. Such a person was Beethoven, who said, "Music is the language of God. We musicians are as close to God as man can be. We hear His voice. We read His lips."

One of the 20th century's most revolutionary, innovative astrologers was Dane Rudhyar, whose legacy includes the creation of "humanistic astrology." He not only was a prolific writer and poet, publishing 52 books (as well as many other unpublished manuscripts) but also a philosopher, artist, and composer of numerous works. In his natal chart, he had the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and North Node in the 3rd house, with a Sagittarian Ascendant, and Jupiter (the chart ruler), Mars, Neptune and Pluto all in Gemini hovering around the 7th house cusp. Clearly, Rudhyar, whose concepts transformed astrological thought, was a highly attuned instrument in order to receive such divine inspiration, fulfilling his assignment as God's agent.

Our purpose, too, is to be such an agent of God in our own circle of influence and according to our own unique capacity. In the early morning hours, when the world is gently hushed and our mind rested and receptive, the angels of Mercury and Jupiter can come to each of us. Invite them, for they bring an inspirational message from the higher spheres, wherefrom God assigns our own holy orders for the day. All things for Thee, our God, all things. . . .

© Zane Maser 2009.
This article was published in Drumbeat, Journal of the White Eagle Lodge (Canada), Volume 17, Issue 2, pages 12-15 (2009).


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