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Zane Maser

The Leo-Aquarius Polarity


The wise man masters his senses and in his heart becomes one with the infinite, all-knowing and all-pervasive Lord. Only he who separates the eternal from the transient exercises spiritual discipline. Great is the glory of the Being that shines with its own light, of the sublime reality in us.

The Upanishads

The royal sign of Leo, king of beasts, with its vibrant vitality and nobility of character, begins on approximately July 23 when summer has reached its zenith in the northern hemisphere. The August Sun is the most potent, and Leo is rightly called the 'powerhouse of the zodiac,' where the process of individuation is a paramount task. The full display of the intense colors of high summer—tones of rich red, flaming orange, and yellow—are everywhere present so that the open-hearted, lovable Lion can say with self-assurance and optimism that all is truly well in the kingdom. During this time, optimal creative potential, both in nature and in the leonine soul, is perhaps at its greatest.

The Sun-ruled Leo, with its zest for life, is the fixed fire sign that rules the heart center and upper back. The heart is the central, most dominant organ of the body, as well as an 'unerring compass,' so it is easily apparent why this imperial cat's destiny is a high one. Leo has the burning enthusiasm and expressiveness of fire, along with fire's inspirational nature, combined with a fixed temperament, that gives this affectionate 'child of the Sun' a determined, steadfastness in thinking and attitudes. Leo thus shows 'the flame of constancy.' Although fire signs, with their far-sightedness, have an orientation toward the achievement of future possibilities, the fixed signs tend to honor stability and resist change. As the most radiant and naturally creative of the signs, Leo, with its tremendous solar power, must learn discipline and responsibility. This is clearly shown by the Sun's polarity to Saturn. Dominion is a keyword for this born monarch, but first and foremost is that of self-rule or self-dominion.

The advanced soul of Leo, with its natural uprightness and sunny disposition, demonstrates a joyous wonderment of life with all its 'magnificent largesse', playfulness, strength, and courage. The charismatic Leo tends to embody life in a grand, dramatic manner, and many are drawn into this kingly cat's orbit due to his or her magnetic kindliness, commanding leadership, and charming warmth. In its high expression, Leo has an innate faith in life (and in themselves), along with an invincible optimism that underlies their sense of life's rich abundance. Their faith always sees tomorrow as a bright new day for adventurous risks and shining opportunities. Leos are known to have a natural heart-felt givingness not so apparently found in other signs.

The 5th house is Leo's natural house, with its rulership over how a person expresses his or her creative individuality through children, the arts, pleasure, recreation, speculation, love, and affairs of the heart. Isabel Hickey refers to it as the 'house of hidden karma,' in which one will be confronted with lessons related to the misuse of the will and love principles. As a fixed sign, Leo is able to consolidate its impressive creative force into all the things it most enjoys. And those with the Sun in Leo are learning the soul lesson of the true meaning of love, enhanced by the fact that the fixed quality represents the Love aspect of the Trinity —a double dose of learning many of life's deepest lessons through Love!

Leo has been described as the sign of self-consciousness, but self-preoccupation is a critical part of the high road for the regal Lion. Leos may seem intensely self-involved, creating heroic myths larger than life, but the search for true identity is entirely appropriate for them. In fact, Leo's task is the hero or heroine's journey where the chief motivation is self-actualization. The sign of Leo is ultimately about the discovery of one's unique creative talents as these gifts are expressed from one's inner illumination. The central issue of Leo's high calling is to make the inward quest of individuation into the Eternal Light, the Sun of one's own being. For Leo, the most authentic concern is to realize the inner essence of the Self or the Monarch that reigns within the heart, the center of Love. The outer self is thus gradually consumed and transformed so that the Higher Self is rightfully enthroned. Leo is then able to live and create from the eternal resources of self-worth, tapping the flame of Divine love, no longer craving attention and accolades from an external crowd.

Once Leo has arrived at the center of his or her Royal Temple, firmly ruling the kingdom of the self, then the leonine luminescence irradiates the lives of others through the transmuting power of love. And this pure individuated Solar Flame shines eternally on all with an equal blaze. Alan Oken describes this highest attribute of Leo as 'rulership by Divine Right.' Glowing with spiritual fire, this rulership includes the silent affirmation in the heart, 'I will only to will the Will of God.' The king of the zodiac in his or her 'majestic mien,' relinquishing all self-centeredness, becomes the truly humble leader willing to become the wise and able servant of everyone. The one who earns the crown must, above all, be the servant who works without thought of self. Jesus, the Great King of the Piscean Age, demonstrated this when he unpretentiously knelt before his disciples to wash their feet. He also made clear at the time of the Transfiguration, the festival that occurs during August, how the sustaining, steadfast power of the inner Sun vitalizes and illumines the physical body so it becomes a body of light, a servant of the Divine Will.

Leo is a truly sign of joyous exuberance as the Divine Child of the zodiac in all its sunniness, faith, and simplicity, who is ready to explore, create, and leave his or her individual stamp on life. Jesus pointed to the wisdom of trusting innocence when he said 'Except ye become as a little child ye cannot enter the kingdom.' And Mother Teresa said that 'the child is the beauty of God in the world.' An advanced soul of Leo, whose hand rests in the hand of Father-Sun, stands at the center of his or her own kingdom having nobly attained to the true inheritance of rulership. Life is thus a magical realm for living and loving when the transforming rays of the spiritual Sun go forth unhindered from the heart of this Eternal child. As Leo shines brightly from within, so Leo shines brightly without.


I believe that we begin heaven now and here if we do our work for others faithfully. There is no useful work that is not part of the welfare of mankind. Even the humblest occupation is 'skilled labor' if it contains an effort above mere self-support to serve a spiritual or social need.

Helen Keller

We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow-man; and along those fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as courses, and they come back to us as effects.

Herman Melville

Aquarius, the Water Bearer who freely pours the living water for all humanity, begins on January 21. In the northern hemisphere, many locales are experiencing generous rainfall and snow packs as daylight gradually increases. The infusion of creative life energy received at the winter solstice begins to awaken and circulate as the first spring colors are glimpsed in the blossoms of snowdrop and crocus. Life is cleansed and starts afresh with hints of spring green. The hopes and wishes of spring beckon to the waiting heart. The natural world is wonderful sanctuary for the soul of an Aquarian.

This amiable, outgoing, and likable sign is the fixed Air sign and considered the most intellectual and forward-looking of the Air signs, with high abilities for abstract thought and reason combined with great intuitive and inspirational faculties of mind. Although Air signs typically relate 'head to head,' real advancement comes when interpersonal communications involve 'heart to heart' engagement while learning their soul lesson of the silken bonds of brotherhood. Two very different but complimentary planets govern the 11th sign of friendship and group work: Saturn and Uranus.

Highly individualistic and independent, always curious about life, Aquarians are the progressive, mental pioneers ready to blaze new idealistic trails that ultimately bring about social reforms and make lasting, future-oriented contributions to groups, society, and the world at large. Their inventive genius and originality is at the vanguard of new thought, new discoveries in many fields, particularly in science. They have a strong mental steadiness and focus of thought due to Saturn's encouraging assistance for self-discipline and structured thinking, because Saturn is the planet of completion and foresight. Aquarius, being a gifted often-brilliant teacher, is best when being the disseminator of avant-garde knowledge, the one who broadcasts breakthroughs for the betterment of every man, woman, and child. Aquarians are widely known as the visionary humanitarians for our planet whose achievements are given in simple and stunning ways. This advanced soul's impulses are noble and selfless without any thought for personal gain, and their goals and ideals are other-centered. It is truly the sign of Inspiration and of spiritual awakening through the 'lightning flash' of Uranus, which, through its magical power, brings transcendence for those Aquarians who have crossed the disciplinary bridge of Saturn between earth and heaven.

Part of the mystery of Aquarius relates to a keyword that epitomizes the essential high function for this sign both personally and collectively:  free circulation on all levels of being. The Water Bearer rules the ankles, shins, and the circulatory system. The element of air is notably involved with the circulation of life force as it pulses throughout the body. Through the heart (Leo) and the circulatory system, all cells of the physical body are continually nourished by the vital forces and cleansed/purified with the 'heart's red water of life.' Moreover, a loving, hope-filled heart, with a spirit of concern for the welfare of others, is inextricably intertwined with the ability to flow freely with the constantly changing rhythm of universal life.

Having gained a clear understanding of the oneness of all life through conscious union with the Divine, the advanced Aquarian, trained in thought control, is a receptacle for higher Truths from the Spiritual Forces of Light, compassionately circulating God's love and wisdom in warm brotherly/sisterly ways. This is the true brotherhood of a softened heart, wherein human love is deeply felt. When the emotions are 'tenderized,' says Isabel Hickey, 'no sign is more magnanimous or as monumental' as the Aquarian distributing the pure waters from a loving spirit. The glyph for Aquarius is two wavy lines, representing the serpents of wisdom but also the reception of intuitive inspiration from waves of Light. The next World Teacher for the Aquarian Age is John, the 'Light Bringer,' who was considered to be a Leo, and the most beloved disciple of Jesus. This indicates that brotherhood will be a living reality through the fully illuminated heart center.

'Aquarius indicates the pattern by which man [and woman] will become perfect,' wrote Joan Hodgson, for it is 'the sign where the human soul comes to maturity.' Uranus, the liberator and seer, releases the divine fire of love and light in the heart, thus it represents the person who has mastered all planes of his or her being. Spirit then perfectly harmonizes and freely circulates through matter. The illumined Uranian, having deeply touched the divine truth and love in the heart, comes back into incarnation to disseminate an inspired vision to help uplift and guide humanity's advancement into the New Age. With compassion and feeling, the Uranian is able to enter, with deep understanding, into the experiences and painful suffering of others. The royalty of the Aquarian Age, claims Hickey, 'will be the spiritual aristocrats who function through the heart and soul in real simplicity.' The age-old law for humankind has always been to do unto others as you would have them do unto you, to love one another, and to be kind and gentle toward all life through the silken bonds of universal brotherhood.

Sun and Saturn/Uranus

Homage to thee, O thou who art Ra when thou riseth and Temu when thou settest. Thou riseth, thou shinest, thou art crowned king of the year. Thou are the Lord of heaven, the Lord of earth, the Creator of the starry gods in heaven above. Thou are the Lord who came into being in the beginning of time.

Egyptian Book of the Dead

Uranus is the symbol of the highest energy of all. It symbolizes the Sun behind the Sun. The American Indians called the Sun a hole in the sky. They knew intuitively that there was a greater Sun behind our physical Sun. In mythology Uranus was given rulership over heaven while Saturn was given rulership of the earth.

Isabel Hickey

In many ways, describing the highest expression of the Sun is the same as describing the highest expression of Leo. It is the most powerful, vitalizing, individualizing force known. The Sun is the dominant note of the universe in its emanations of warmth and generosity, and its solar energy strongly urges a person outward and forward into deliberate, confident engagement with life. Representing the principle of God or Spirit in the heart, as well as the positive or masculine life stream, it is the generator of light and energy while it actively sustains life on every level with its constant golden infusion shining on all equally. Its symbol is the all-encompassing circle of universal Love with the dot as the Self, the center of Being, the immortal spark of God's life within us.

The Sun represents both the heart of the person and the heart of the chart in its highest expression, for it shows the spiritual lesson to be learned and the conscious purpose or main expression of the life. It also shows the underlying keynote of the character—the real self-identity—with its power for Self-integration. The Sun gives the central focus in the chart of the individual's basic drive for significance, success, and power, and its fortifying energy motivates our deepest longings and creative aspirations to shine in a divine way. Exalted in its position of leadership amongst the planets (its number is one!), the Sun indicates the potential for spiritual attainment.

Aquarius, has two co-regents, which collide at times, but are nevertheless complimentary in their eventual outcomes:  Saturn and Uranus. As the chief agent of human karma and a grounding force, Saturn (also known as Lucifer or Satan) crystallizes form and causes a condition of permanence that temporarily holds us down and holds us back. In Hebrew, Satan means the 'hinderer.' Closed minds and fixed attitudes show the rigidity of Saturn for it relates to boundaries. It can be thought of as the status quo of tradition, where an individual digs deep ruts and often gets stuck. Saturn, as the oldest of the gods, represents the power of concentration so the soul can learn to exercise common sense, willpower, and steady determination in practical earth life. In Aquarius, however, Saturn will be rendered in a less severely practical form, but still gives a greater sense of mental equipoise and concentration, for methodical planning and forethought are within Saturn's domain. It gives a sense of duty and justice, and its energies help one to age gracefully, so Saturn's qualities include structure, order, responsibility, gravity, caution, sedateness, and a superior sense of timing. One of the highest aspects of Saturn is self-control. After the serious, preparatory discipline of Saturn, access to the freedom and the power of Uranus becomes available.

Uranus, planet of fundamental change and independence, is one of three higher octave planets that symbolize 'spiritualizing processes.' The number four, once given to the Sun, is now assigned to Uranus, 'the Sun behind the Sun,' as Isabel Hickey mentions in the beginning quote. This shows the close relationship between the Sun as the central axis and Uranus. The advanced Aquarian is able to respond to the powerful shattering force of Uranus as it breaks up hardened, lifeless forms and static conditions, so that spiritual energy can circulate into new and better patterns of self-expression, ever seeking higher truth and wisdom. The liberating call of Uranus is 'Behold, I maketh all things new.' True liberation is finally attained on an inner level after passing the heavy tests of Saturn. Further, it is the animating force that invites the unfettered soul to discover the undiscovered, to pierce the veil of the inner mysteries, and to be a harbinger of Light. Operating with unpredictability and sudden insight, it is the planet of destiny and ultimately of Cosmic Consciousness. The individual's only choice with Uranus is how best to react to its unforeseen, erratic fractures, because the Divine Will is operating here to move the soul from the intellect towards a full inner Awakening, where universal love and brotherhood are the higher foundation. Something better and richer is always eventually bestowed from the processes of Uranus.

Uranus is said to be the esoteric ruler of Libra. There are those daring individuals who create havoc and break up structures by being in the fore of significant change. They undauntingly prepare the way for the builders, so that new forms of beauty, harmony, unity and love can prevail. Rightly welcomed and divinely compensating for its irreversible restructuring, Uranus is the healing power of Spirit that allows the noble Aquarian to be a true server of humanity as a visionary and prophet, selflessly pouring out the spiritual waters for all life.

The Virgo-Pisces Polarity


Consciously or unconsciously, every one of us does render some service or other. If we cultivate the habit of doing this service deliberately, our desire for service will steadily grow stronger, and will make, not only for our own happiness, but that of the world at large.

Mahatma Gandhi

In life after death, everyone faces the same question. What service have you rendered? What have you done to help?

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

The Sun enters the resourceful sign of Virgo, the harvest goddess, on August 23, when summer's ascendancy is slowing changing to autumn, and the fruitfulness of the earth is about to be gathered for sensible storage. The Virgo-Pisces polarity is related not only to the sowing and reaping of earth's fully ripened harvest but they are also sensitive, receptive wisdom signs. Practical Virgo is the mutable earth sign, where physical life is best served by the power of a trained mind and with a great yearning to be of tangible, purposeful service in unassuming, quiet ways. Peace and fulfillment come from even the most mundane of tasks. 'The deepest worth of an individual,' wrote Dane Rudhyar, 'is revealed in his capacity and readiness to serve.' Both freedom and mastery are attained through the sacrifice and self-giving of service. The joy and fulfillment of meaningful contribution gives the unpretentious Virgo heart warmth of security and a sense of self-sufficiency. In Latin, virgo means 'intact' or 'self-contained.' Virgo energy, with its love of all that is natural, gives a self-possession and strong individuality to be one's own person and to lead a life of one's own according to the dictates of the Higher Self. This ties in with another of Virgo's key essences, that of chaste, which also means virtuous, tasteful, simple, pure, and elevated.

The soul lesson for hardworking Virgo is diligent, patient service in material life. The mutable quality gives a greater elasticity of viewpoint and wisdom to this heavenly maiden's humble labors. With an innocence of spirit, one of the advanced Virgo's attainments is self-acceptance through allowing, in a totally non-judgmental way, the self to simply be 'perfectly imperfect.' The high side of Virgo revolves around this central issue of assimilating the nutriment of self-love, so that within there is a gentle, sweet view of the self. As Virgo learns love of self with its accompanying feeling of wholeness (perfection), he or she is able to give fully in like measure this same thoughtful acceptance of another's perfect imperfection. The high message of Virgo is Be ye transformed and made whole—then chop wood, carry water!

This sign is known for its youthful appearance, eager helpfulness, refined neatness, mental precision, and attentiveness to accuracy, which makes Virgo a conscientious, skillful, and perceptive server. Virgo's ruler is Mercury, the planet that emphasizes communication and reasoning. The Virgonian, with his or her prodigious memory for exact detail, is one who is mentally active, ingenious, and always seeking knowledge to distill into constructive wisdom for daily life and duties. Virgo uses its many gifts for creative self-expression in analytical, discriminating ways in order to discern the important from the unimportant, the real from the unreal, and the core issue from superfluous details. All that is valueless, on every level, can be properly eliminated in the present moment. The highly evolved native of this realistic sign is also an adept manager of energy resources, who operates within the maxim:  Waste not, want not!

Virgo, the celestial virgin, naturally rules the 6th house of service, work, duty, health and healing, as well as personal growth. These vital areas of life are all affected and intimately intertwined with Mercury's rulership of the lungs, breathing, and thinking, and with Virgo's rulership over the intestines and assimilative tract. This combination translates to the mind-body connection where, in the end, all levels of negativity and dis-ease are eliminated, purified, and realigned to the positive. Part of the deeper alchemical mystery of Virgo is that its house has also been called the house of self-adjustment, which means the true work is internal, despite the difficulties and karmic lessons that may appear to be outside the self in the outer environment and other people.

Within the region of this house, the task is to undergo the arduous, transmuting process to control, refine, and perfect the mind (which also changes the body, emotions, and future) through conscious monitoring of all thoughts, words, and acts, so that the inner spirit transforms the total personality of earth. In this alchemical process, spiritual, creative gold is made and Virgo's remarkable potential is released in material life as the mind serves the spirit and the body is completely eased and harmonized. Howard Sasportas describes the mission (the high calling) of Virgo's house as blossoming into precisely what the soul can be by respecting the truths of one's own nature and living them in daily reality, for the true vocation is to be oneself. Having transformed the outer self, having learned to trust intangibility and embrace the mysteries of life, Virgo's higher job is to sustain and strengthen others, because those who are willing to be transparent in lowly tasks most fully express the hidden Virgin lady within through service, for service is its own reward. It is never truer than in Virgo that, as Saint Catherine observed, 'all the way to heaven is heaven.'


You, O eternal Trinity, are a deep sea, into which the more I enter the more I find, and the more I find the more I seek.

Saint Catherine of Siena

Those who dwell in the Self are constantly in the mood to give. Gifts of the spirit pour from them continually. They are too busy giving to ask for anything in return. The saint wants to be like an incense stick, giving away its fragrance to everyone, while it burns and becomes nothing.

Amritanandamayi Ma

As the cycle of the zodiac moves towards completion in Pisces, it is said that all preceding signs leave a trace of their essence in the 'last with the least' sign. It rules the feet, considered the lowliest part of the body that must bear the entire weight of the whole, yet Pisces symbolizes the perfected one who returns Home after patient, unobtrusive service to others. Watery Pisces, the sign of universal love and tender compassion, begins around February 20. Nature is often turbulent, with downpours of rain and gusts of wind during the mutable Fishes' dominion—the turning point betwixt winter and spring. At this time of year, the land is moistly receptive for the planting of new fertile seeds. This parallels the same period during Lent, in the Christian tradition, when, prior to Easter, there is a time of renunciation through fasting and internal cleansing.

The symbol for dual-natured, empathetic Pisces is two fish tied together yet swimming in opposite directions in the vast deep ocean of consciousness, revealing both aspects of the self—the personal and spiritual. This sign of soft heartedness and rich imagination gives the deep yearning and opportunity to learn the soul lesson of true heavenly peace through sacrifice of the personal will in complete self-transcendence. In fact, inner peace is the Fishes' greatest strength. Through the undoing of the little self, the inspired Fish, free of 'I-ness,' becomes Self-doing. This sign confers the natural ability to submerge the personality in the discipline of peaceful service.

Gentle Pisces has the extreme sensitivity and psychic openness of the feeling water signs, combined with their ability to live deeply within themselves and the marked need for a quiet private life. A Piscean's life is mostly one of introverted pilgrimage. Emotional self-mastery is the firm footing for this devotional sign of faith and wisdom. Being the most fluid and malleable of the water signs, the Fish possesses an intuitive understanding of and mercy toward the pain and needs of all that suffers; hence they are psychic collectors who must stand firm against being too easily shaped by the feelings and thoughts from their physical and astral surroundings. Pisces must walk the fine line of not losing their personal identity in another but to have his or her true identity aligned to a higher and holy destiny of dispassionate service, just like the humble Nazarene carpenter who is the emblem for this last sign of self-renunciation.

The mysterious 12th house is the natural home for Pisces, where perfect fulfillment is eventually attained. The Fish, its house, and co-rulers, Jupiter and Neptune, are a virtually interchangeable principle for the high essence of this sign. The 12th house is not only the domain of self-limitation, 'secret enemies' of one's own making, bondage, inhibitive influences, and of what is karmically submerged and hidden in unknown regions of the subconscious mind but it also governs the principle of diminishment of the personal ego and submission to what is infinitely larger than the earthly self. Within this house, there is an eternal longing for peace, wholeness, and a merging with all sacred life, as well as the kindly desire to give away the gifts indicated by this house (and planets therein) to others who are less fortunate. Pisces, the sign of charity, is ideally suited for and often found serving in institutions, where various groups of people are 'stored' out of view and with those who are marginalized by society, such as the outcasts and failures who are downtrodden, dejected, and hopeless.

This final house and sign are closely connected with Initiation and secret brotherhoods—the untainted and unpossessable servers of humanity who work faithfully behind the scenes of life. Often constrained by confining, difficult circumstances with a loss of personal liberty, the crucial learning provided on a soul level is of a deep loneliness and even episodes of suffering 'the dark night of the soul' so characteristic of the Piscean experience. These inner periods of solitude are the aperture into the higher worlds and connection with the Higher Self. This willingness to be limited by sorrow and sacrifice, which originally meant to 'make sacred,' is the divine offering for redemption and liberation of soul. Obligation and relinquishment are the price Pisces' pays for the eternal peace not of this world. The innate faith and expansiveness bestowed by Jupiter, coupled with the unifying force of Neptune, provides the Fish with the power to break its earthly shackles in order to access the formless world within, so the goodness and beauty of heaven can be affirmed on earth.

This deeply altruistic sign, in its high calling, is that of the mystic who has fully touched the intangible mysteries of the inner Source of Being and who then dedicates his or her life to practically serving others in compassionate ways. The true giving nature of and serene presence of Pisces often brings a healing blessing into the lives of others. For those who have the most crying needs, Pisces is able to offer a healing balm for the open wounds created from the harshness of physical life by helping to make that person's spirit whole again. Both of its co-rulers are related to the unfoldment of the higher mind and spiritual illumination, so the driving inner urge is towards the tranquil bliss of at-One-ment. The highly developed Fish has an awareness of the transpersonal dimension, the world wherein live numinous dreams, myths, visions, and artistic inspirations of painting, poetry, music, and dance. Thus, a high expression of Pisces is the easy ability and grace to happily commingle between the bounded human side and the boundless divine side of its being. This last sign must, however, also use its wisdom to appreciate and care for the mortal fish that has to live within the realities of the commitments of daily life, so that Pisces' wealth of far vision, creative genius, and inspired talent is actualized in the grist of the present moment. The Fish have to remember that the lowly feet are the only part of the body in constant contact with the soil of earth.

Mercury and Jupiter/Neptune

Whose hands are God's hands but our hands?

Thérèse of Lisieux

Willingness is the higher keyword for Neptune. …Neptune's inner nature is freedom and joy. Will, inturned, spends itself in serving self. Willingness is the eager desire to see others attain joy and freedom. The Piscean Master said: 'I came that your joy may be full. Joy comes in self-relinquishment and not in self-preservation.

Isabel Hickey

Both Mercury and Jupiter relate to the Wisdom principle and are closely tied to the unfoldment of higher consciousness. Mercury concerns the power of thought and all forms/levels of the communication of ideas, being the link between matter and spirit. It gives the agile, gifted intelligence and the dexterity of hands for both Gemini and Virgo. The earthiness of Virgo gives the messenger of the gods a less airy and light buoyancy but with the power to logically evaluate what is worth keeping and what is wisely eliminated as nonessential. On the other hand, Mercury makes the earth element in Virgo more flexible and uplifted. The highly evolved Virgo is a perennial student and keen observer of life in ways that focus not only on the minute details but also on a larger vision of truth and wisdom. Mercury expresses itself in a more concrete and orderly way in Virgo through practical reason and mental interests and in useful, often manual occupations. The swiftness of Mercury becomes well grounded and stabilized in the methodical efficiency of Virgo, which results in a greater commonsense, caution, patience, and dependability for this planet's energies. Knowledge and craftsmanship gained, for the Virgo, are best employed for relevant, productive, and purposeful service.

Jupiter, the planet of compassion and the Higher mind, is the traditional ruler of Pisces, where it urges the Fish to seek a deeper wisdom and understanding of all life through the feeling level and the psyche. The octave ruler for this sign is mystical Neptune, king of the sea, with all its insidious unseen currents and boundless depths. Jupiter gives easy-going Pisces a dose of strength and merriment, coupled with an expansive, philosophical outlook and a solid faith that all is divinely provided. It also motivates Pisces towards an interest in spiritual truth not revealed on the outer plane but on inner levels reached in moments of peace and stillness when insight and ecstasy flood the being. Jupiter challenges Pisces to live their heart-felt ideals in ways that increase soul growth, empathy, and generosity of spirit.

The highest qualities and traits of elusive Neptune are similar to those of the advanced Piscean, for in both the authentic mystic is born who possesses a familiar relationship with the Source of Being. Some of the keywords for this pair are obligation, sacrifice of self-interest, and renunciation. Neptune reveals the cosmic debts due by the individual, but it also gives an intuitive understanding of the needs of all kingdoms of life. Both energies free the soul from the incessant demands of the ego and material world because both bring a sensitive perception of life and a much wider vision of the magic of other worlds. Neptune's indirect essence is ethereal and formless, and its domain is the mystical and transcendental. Like Pisces, it prefers to work quietly, yet strongly and irrevocably, hidden behind the scenes.

Neptune, as the planet of divine compassion, is said to be another of the feminine planets that work on the emotional level, like the Moon and Venus, and its subtle energies urge the soul of Pisces to dissolve the boundaries of the separate self and experience illumination and oneness with all life. This willingness to give up self-will allows a Higher Will to be the guiding light. Neptune's teachings are about universal love and loving for the pure sake of giving the gift of love or selfless service, with no thought for a trade or return. This is the true path towards a state of Cosmic Bliss and perfection for which Pisces deeply yearns with all its being. Neptune has also been termed 'the Cosmic Santa Claus' by Isabel Hickey. The wonderful cosmic principle embodied in Neptune's generosity is that in loving or giving to others one, in the end, gives to his or herself, because the self gets served or loved by serving or loving others first. And the more one gives or loves—which comes back a hundredfold—the more love one has to give.

It is no surprise that Venus, the planet of beauty, love, and union, is exalted in Pisces. This is the sign most closely associated with the 6th ray of healing and the Master Jesus, who in the ancient wisdom is known to have come from Venus. This sign and planet form a gentle and tender combination with a great capacity for suffering and sacrifice, where love, devotion, and ideals are concerned. Love is thus expressed more universally than in a personal, more self-oriented way. It is loving with the intention of pure love and a compassion that is divinely inspired. This exaltation exemplifies the freedom of spirit attained in the mystical marriage or divine union of the soul. Having gained all, the perfected Piscean returns Home at long last.

The End is the Beginning

We have traveled around the circle of the zodiac from Aries, where we start things in new beginnings, to Pisces, where we finish them in endings. From Aries to Pisces, from head to feet, life's lessons and experiences circulate and flow like the bloodstream as it pulses through every part of the body, nourishing and sustaining the essence of our life. There is a basic law in life that states 'everything comes in opposites.' While each sign of a polarity has some divergent qualities, as well as many commonalities, complementary opposites balance and complete each other along a continuum of relatedness. Both signs operate on the same wavelength but are opposite ends. Both signs must be developed and integrated so that a holy synthesis is formed, because in the light of consciousness, 'each sign is secretly its opposite,' according to Liz Greene. This wholeness, this innate need to be complete, is the object of our deepest longings, our search for the Self at the center of our own being. The mystic Nicolas of Cusa knew well that 'all opposites coincide in God.'

In The Light Bringer, White Eagle speaks about the peaks of achievement that humanity collectively attains when both a material and spiritual apex has been reached. He would also, in an individual sense, describe these as 'the twelve perfected types of men and women, the twelve perfect signs of the zodiac,' which we have explored through each of their high callings and the highest expression of their planetary rulers. This article has purposefully focused on the premier qualities of the polarities as they relate to the higher reaches of human nature, potential, and aspiration. The high calling of the signs is the hope and promise of what each of us can and will one day become. White Eagle takes us back to the beginning of our journey through the 'the twelve basic life paths' with the image of the jewel:

You are not here just to get through time.
You are here for a purpose-to develop jewels, or soul-
attributes which will bring to you your birthright,
that which was promised to your soul when you
were brought forth from the heart of God.

Yes, beloved, truth is like a beautifully
cut jewel with many facets

The most fitting symbol that expresses the relationship of these soul attributes is the six-pointed star, which represents our own Higher consciousness. Joan Hodgson describes this beautifully:  'The symbol of man [and woman] made perfect, the Christed man [and woman], has always been the six-pointed star, which contains the mystery of the twelve signs, each perfectly balanced with its polar opposite.' The star shows the perfect polarization between earth and heaven, between the negative/feminine and positive/masculine life streams. And within the center of the star is the radiant flawless jewel, where shines power, wisdom, and love, which flows out into the twelve facets of God-consciousness from the One center of stillness.

This central jewel depicts the beginning of a cycle of activity and the end, only to begin again on a higher level of the ascending spiral, because 'spiritual attainment,' wrote the Sufi Inayat Khan, 'is attuning oneself to a higher pitch.' The task of every soul is to clean the predominant facet or sign he or she is working on in a given incarnation until the surface is brilliant and reflects a rainbow of sparkling colors. The only difference amongst individuals is the number of facets that are immaculate. An advanced soul reflects the pure white light wherein every facet perfectly reflects all the other facets in this moment, here and now—the heavenly moment.

In the context of today's fear-ridden world, Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung was once asked many years ago if there was any hope for the world, to which he replied that if enough sincere, dedicated people will do their strenuous inner work of becoming more conscious and whole, then there is hope. If we each accept the challenge of reaching for our highest potential—the high calling of the signs and planetary energies most predominant in our charts—then we can each help to tip the balance of the world's scale to the side of the positive and of love.

Perfect we are
Perfectly we dance through our many rounds
From beginning to end to beginning
Perfect we are.


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© Zane Maser 2002.

This article originally appeared in Altair, The Journal of The White Eagle School of Astrology: Volume X, No.2, pages 9-26, August 2002.

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