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Zane Maser

In centuries past, the branch of astrology known as horary—meaning "of the hour"—was the dominant form of astrology. It is, in fact, considered the root of astrology. As an ancient art, horary is the craft of taking a carefully conceived question and deducing a definite, clear answer by means of a strict and rigid system of analysis. It offers concise, accurate predictions that are of immediate use and benefit. This makes it unlike other, more familiar, forms of astrology, which are less objective and often more vague. Thus, a major strength of horary lies in its precision, straightforwardness, and effectiveness.

Horary is best used for the most pressing issues, decisions, and challenges that face us within the circumstances of our day-to-day lives. It is also a useful technique during times of emergency, when it can provide trusted guidance through temporarily rough waters. The spectrum of situations or concerns successfully explored through horary include matters associated with relationships, family, education, career moves, business, finances, investments, real estate, travel, conflicts, lawsuits, and even missing persons, animals, or lost objects. Queries about health and sickness can also provide useful insights and direction, though never in lieu of sound medical advice and intervention. Another strength of horary is that a sincere, important question will yield a direct, worthwhile answer, one that can illuminate the heart of the issue.

Although horary is commonly used for utterly practical and mundane concerns, its methodology falls within the realm of divination, opening us to a larger view of reality because significant moments in our lives do not happen accidentally. A chart drawn up for the actual moment in which a question is clarified in one's mind and carefully worded, as well as understood by the astrologer, shows a descriptive map of the Heavens-how the cosmic truths of a wider context may be comprehended within an individual's microcosm. It is also a diagram of the questioner's awareness, both consciously and subconsciously, at the moment the question is asked.

Through a detailed scrutiny of the symbolism encompassed within a chart, an astrologer can discern a precise answer and the likely progression of circumstances in the immediate future, along with their potential outcomes, because the unfoldment is contained within that captured moment of time. The laws governing the heavens are purposeful and exact, and all life is interconnected in meaningful, perfect ways. There is a cosmic sympathy between the moment of our earnest asking—call it a direct prayer to God—and the answer revealed from that Divine Moment. White Eagle tells us "Divine Truth [as above] is being enacted all the time on the physical plane [so below], within each human being, and also in all the events of human life." Like will always reflect like.

Part of the magical quality of a horary chart is this harmonic resonance that brings the symbolism of current planetary patterns and movements down to earth. In this sense, we are seeking a conscious moment of alignment and clarification that offers the potential to spiritualize our everyday life. From the bigger, celestial picture to the scale of an individual life, horary is a benefic compass pointer when we may need an objective perspective, a reality check, target correction on our current course, or verification that our heart and head are leading us truly—or astray, as the case may be. Further, a horary chart can be a shrewd, consulting "partner" to enable wise planning in such situations as negotiations for selling one's business or accepting an offer of employment.

This is not to say every question put to horary evaluation must be life shaking or exalted, but when there is a strong need to know and a clear intent, the chart will likewise be strong, lucid, and direct. An amazingly rich amount of indispensable information can be gleaned from a horary chart. The caveat is the questioner must be willing to accept the answer, whether it is the one most desired or not. A horary chart tells you the facts; so if you don't want an accurate, black and white answer, don't ask!

Because horary is imbued with the laws governing the Universe, especially the Law of Correspondences, also known as the Law of Harmonyas above, so below; as below, so above, the system of horary cannot be abused. It has its own internal system of safeguards, wherein the inviolate rules of horary cannot be tinkered with nor can the heavenly bodies or God be idly addressed. As with any divinatory system, horary is not to be taken lightly or carelessly. Horary is neither meant as a passing curiosity nor for a petition that is insincere, trivial, irreverent, or self-indulgent. If the question is indistinct or masking a different, underlying motive, the chart will advise against judgment, return a false answer, or produce an "empty" chart lacking vital assistance. If the emotional intensity or psychic relevance of a situation has passed, then horary cannot be of value at that point. This is still another of the strengths of horary. Simply put, we cannot disobey the laws of horary, and we dare not tamper with the domain of God!

In its deepest, most sacred sense, the art of astrology (in general and horary in particular) is never intended to steal a person's own capacity for clear reasoning, sound decision making, or to usurp personal will and strength. Astrology, at its best, is a tool of profound empowerment and insight. Your birth chart is the overall map of your spiritual journey, a blueprint of your greatest assets and potential, and an indicator of the challenging issues your soul has chosen to address. The birth chart is similar to a beam of light illuminating a whole lifetime. A horary chart is like a laser beam that temporarily sheds light on a specific question or issue of heartfelt concern. The beauty and magic of horary is in its ability to reveal a moment of heavenly instruction to those who ask in humility and are open to receiving a personally addressed answer—signed and lovingly sealed—from the Divine.

© Zane Maser 2006.
This article was published in Drumbeat, Journal of the White Eagle Lodge (Canada), Volume 14, Issue 2, pages 6-8 (2006).

Zane Maser is both a graduate of the White Eagle School of Astrology and a Qualified Horary Practitioner (Q.H.P.).

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