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Zane Maser

Be thankful for everything, for your life and for all the opportunities which
Come to you. If you think over these things you will find there
Are many, many opportunities given to you to do
The right thing, to love, to be forgiving, to be kind.
We would point out to you that these simple things
Are the keys which open the gates to the mysteries of heaven.

White Eagle

There is a farm on the east coast of America called Green Hope Farm, which produces an incredible variety of flower essences for humans and animals. A small segment of the farm is devoted to the 'Venus Garden.' During the course of its evolution, this Garden was planted in the form of a 6-pointed Star, and the essences made from it can help a person to re-member and re-attune to the Fifth dimension and to Divine Love. Over the past few years of tender care by humans, Angels, and Elementals, a number of different flower combinations have been grown in the transformative energies of this Garden, now termed the Love-Star configuration.

The mix of flowers distilled into an essence from last year's endeavors was named 'Love Prevails.' One of its principal flowers is the ever-renewing Pink Cleome, a tall beauty that blooms continuously from the same flower head until frost kills it for the year. This particular essence helps one to set aside the temporary illusion that love whimsically comes and goes, but rather to know what farm owner Molly Sheehan discovered:  'Love is. Love is here. It never left and never will. Love prevails.' As a universal given, love prevails at all times and in all things despite external appearances. This prevalence of love is what White Eagle alludes to when he says, 'all is well,' as he often does. The core homeopathic principle of 'Do no harm' is another way of embracing the remembrance and practice of love at all times.

The notion of love's prevalence got me wondering about all the ways the Universal Spirit is benevolent. Perhaps one of the most evocative symbols of hope and reassurance we have to continually remind us of Love's presence is that of Earth:  the equal-sided cross of suffering and sacrifice surrounded by the Circle of Universal Love. Even as we bare our personal cross of soul-crucifixion in a given lifetime, Divine Love upholds us. The cross always symbolizes the human with that of the Divine. As we grow and participate in life, we learn that within anguish and surrender is Love as an equal partner. This is but saying that as we let go of the demands of our little, outer self we come into a fuller radiance of our Higher Self.

Applied to astrology, the notion of love's prevalence made me think about the many ways in which our own soul and spirit help us to put together the blueprint of our natal chart for the upcoming incarnation so we can feel and experience first hand how Love truly does prevail as we mature and encounter the progressions and transits that aid in this dynamic process. This article is intended to give but a few of the many possible examples of how love prevails, as shown in our astrological chart and life. Our natal blueprint can reveal the potential ways in which we must grapple this lifetime with the results of the thoughts, acts, and words we previously set in motion. Thus, we are the creators and not helpless observers to the cycles and patterns of our development we encounter in a given lifetime. Our individual blueprint also offers helpful pointers that show us how to correct our errors and so progress along love's path. The various tests and hardships we meet along the way are intended to season us and so strengthen our faith in the beneficence of the Creator and ultimately our capacity to love unconditionally.

From time to time, when life's circumstances become daunting and unbearable, keep in mind that the symbolical language of spirit encoded in your chart is the language of love. The purpose of this language is to encourage and further open up the divine love within your soul, because the expansion of the love within us is the greatest gift we have to offer life. This concept of the prevalence of love is not meant to minimize or sugar coat the difficult cross currents and conflicting messages within many charts or when a current planetary lineup ushers in a particularly challenging period of time. However, in any given chart, with its difficult squares and oppositions, there will likely be the compensating blessing of a few sextiles and trines to balance the challenges with fortunate flows of energy that ease some of the tension. As well, a chart usually has sprinkled in a few quintiles, those often overlooked aspects that can reveal potential talents and/or innate genius. Moreover, the so-called 'hard' aspects help us hone the specific spiritual lessons indicated by the aspect, while giving us multiple encounters and 'tryouts,' through the sequence of transits and progressions, to attain harmony and balance. All systems, whether astrological or biophysical, have an inherent balance, yet it is up to us to choose the positive or negative end of the scale. With accruing experience, perceptive individuals begin to choose the wiser middle way!

What might be the corrective effect of a challenging aspect in the context of a whole chart? How might it work at the causal level to create a more functional pattern than merely at the outer symptomatic level? What is the significant theme and process denoted by the aspect? Whether inherently strained or relaxed, aspects actually include both a positive and negative outworking, again depending on how the individual chooses to use the energies. Further, in any given chart, there would likely be a planet strongly placed by house and sign to offset a planet that could be a weak, problematic, or undermining influence. For a planet in its fall, such as the Moon in Scorpio, the same chart might have Saturn in its exaltation sign of Libra. While the former can give the possibility to cope with some extremes in temperament and a decided stubbornness, the latter suggests an ability to cooperate with others through a gentle diplomacy, which represents the prevalence of love.

If you reflect on your life (keeping in mind 'love prevails'), you will discover that 95 percent or more of the negative things you conjured and needlessly worried about either never materialized or did so in a far kinder way than you imagined. This is akin to the saying that life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you respond to it. Should you conduct this life review, you would also find that your life has been punctuated by many more moments of joy and love than by moments of despair and darkness. How many of us think about and truly acknowledge that? How many of us, when confronted with a stark upheaval or a dreaded circumstance or change, stop and actually realize the comforting notion that there is an ever-loving pattern contained within our chart as revealed in the hills and valleys of our life? We most likely forget the maxim 'this too shall pass' as the pendulum swings in steady rhythm to help us grow and reach towards a higher level of consciousness, knowing full well that every action—wise or unwise—creates an equal and opposite reaction. In remarkable ways, the symbolic language of astrology can help us to understand and astutely use the events and circumstances that come our way to give us the practice we need to meet life's demands with poise and dispassion, including the shadow-side of our chart's positive aspects.

Depending on how they are used, even positive aspects have their shadow side, by which I mean that one person might react to a trine of Venus to Jupiter with self-absorption, indulgence, and laziness, thus entirely misusing the earned potential of the aspect. Conversely, another person might use the Moon square to Saturn as an impetus to build a solid, positive sense of self:  first, by 'deprogramming' the negative messages, decisions, or beliefs from childhood through a focused affirmation, such as 'I am willing to release the pain of my mother's lack of emotional support.' Secondly, the person would need to 'reprogram' a new message, one like 'I am a loving and lovable person.' Thus, this person makes a conscious decision to use the energies of a quite difficult Moon/Saturn square in a constructive way that moves them along a completely new track of positive self-esteem. This represents permanent change, because the psychological foundation is actually restructured along a positive groove.

As a further example, for someone with the Moon's North Node in the 6th house, part of the crucial learning would be to develop a full-bodied faith, which would eliminate the inner negativity and the lurking subconscious fears—fears that are not even relevant to the current lifetime. By consciously shifting the thought currents to a positive and productive attitude toward life, the power of their indomitable faith could actually work miracles, because this person has the capacity to be a natural-born healer. The person also has the opportunity to overcome an inherent tendency to be critical of others, due to the realization that imperfections seen in others are really disowned qualities within the self that get projected. These examples show how our spirit and soul decides, prior to embodiment, on the deck of cards—the natal map—to be dealt in any given lifetime. We can choose to accept our personal deck and do the best we can with our earned assets and liabilities (to redeem) or we can face an even weightier deck in a future life.

On a similar theme as above, here is an interesting illustration of how life and our chart tend to bring us what we most need to learn through the outer people, circumstances, and events of our life. This particular pointer can be gleaned by looking at the sign (and its ruler) on the cusp of the 7th house of marital and business partnerships and the planets therein, if any, and their aspects. The individuals we attract to our self, especially our most intimate partners, seem to be the ones who personify the qualities we most need to develop in our self! While this tendency can be quite an annoying and painful mirror at times, it is also liberating. If we 'get' the message of our 7th house, we can make tremendous progress in manifesting these latent qualities within our self. By our own efforts, then, we become inwardly whole and thus able to attract partners who complement us rather than surreptitiously supply our missing parts. Considering this same house of intimate alliances, the eventful and sometimes dreaded process of transiting Uranus—representing independence and autonomy—will inevitably stir up the 7th house issues of one-to-one relationships. Uranus signals the opportunity to make beneficial changes, even in the best of relationships. As the planet of startling shifts, its purpose signifies a time to break free of outworn conditions, often in agonizing and drastic ways, and to make any desirable, progressive changes. This 7th house transit, or phase of one's growth, can be the catalyst to bring previously glossed-over problems to the fore, perhaps as episodes of irritation and disruptive anger that severely test a marriage, as well as other key partnerships. The flip side is that when the energies are suppressed, there is the 'time-bomb' potential for unexpected explosions that create sudden estrangements or endings of such relationships. If, perchance, the individuals in a close relationship did part ways, it would be an external, concrete result of the transit, yet would not reveal the true purpose, or essence, of the transit, which is to open the door to a greater authenticity and aliveness with partners, marital or otherwise. Through the awakening energy of Uranus, a greater integrity is possible in that one is freed from loveless relationships and outmoded commitments that no longer serve the growth of either person. Put differently, it can be a renewing time to let the truth speak and to give full allowance to each person for being who they are in the present moment.

Because this Uranian transit has the potential to affect relationships in quite a positive way, due to the radical shifts that are made, it is an important opportunity to renegotiate the love and honesty in one's contracts—both marital and business—in order to reflect the higher level of consciousness one has achieved. Profound insight and a greater acceptance of one another's true needs can result. This reveals the inward, psychological shift of the transit in terms of an authentic change in feelings, behavior, outlook, and awareness. Thus, out of the short-term chaos, craziness, and disintegration comes a long-term sense of liberation and revitalized well being.

A few questions that might apply to any transit, particularly the outer planet transits, are:  What is the essence or intent of this transit? How does it reveal where I am in the process of my learning and growth? In terms of the issues I am currently working on, what insight(s) does it bring? What direction does it point to in my growth? What eventual benefits might come from this long-lasting period of current change? Looked at in this way, a significant transit or progression signifies a crucial stage or fundamental piece of inner work during a given lifetime.

Another example of how love prevails is relevant here. Consider the tandem effect of Venus and Jupiter (the benefics) when juxtaposed to that of Mars and Saturn (the malefics). Natally, and in their transits and progressions, the first pair generally tends to bring opportunities, prosperity, an active social life, and blessings, while the second pair can test us with too much impulsive and unwise action, which leads to strife, frustrations, and sorrows. There are abundant occasions for both harmonious and challenging contacts as these planets travel because, while Venus takes about one year (approximately one month/sign) to travel around the zodiac, Mars takes an average of two years (generally two months/sign) to move through the signs. So, the harmonious encounters of Venus for valuable assistance in our life occur at about twice the rate as those of forceful Mars.

A similar advantageous dynamic occurs between Jupiter and Saturn, where Jupiter's movement around the astrological wheel is more than twice the speed of Saturn's. Hence, Saturn's dampening tests and restricting lessons occur far less frequently than the relaxation and productivity bestowed by Jupiter. Besides, with the steadying hand of Saturn, we get time to exercise patience and quiet reflection of possible shortsightedness and errors previously made in preparation for the next upswing in energy and learning. Because Saturn also has a goodly dose of 'cosmic' humor, we are being gently nudged to take ourselves less seriously by seeing the humor in our own foibles. Seen in this light and levity, there is a marvelous wisdom in the flows and ebbs of Venus and Jupiter juxtaposed to Mars and Saturn, for they create the space Love fills.

Even the so-called 'malefics' are a necessary segment of a loving Universe when we contemplate the psychological tasks they invite us to undergo. What vital processes of emotional maturation do they call us to take care of? With Mars, we need to look at how we use our energy in our multiplicity of desires and drives that motivate us. Saturn can help us focus our precious energy so we're able to bear our tests of winnowing until we reach a greater level of perfection. In the case of Pluto, the planet of power that purges and removes, we must descend to the deepest layers of our unconscious and to the very center of our DNA. This necessity disallows the loophole of superficiality when it comes to the work required for greater self-awareness. Besides, we might not uncover our true power, strengths, and determination were we given the chance to circumvent the deeper layers of our psychological muck. Is it even possible for us to fully heal without the required inner work these various planetary principles call us to confront? Not according to Carl Jung, who warned there's no coming to consciousness without its attendant pain. After all, it's in the travail and tears that the full spectrum of the rainbow's radiance lies hidden. What's more, a rainbow is actually a full circle, but we normally see only half the picture!

Fortunately, we're generally given adequate breathers between the strenuous efforts required to make little strides of spiritual headway during our lifetime. When we're in the middle of such a disorienting episode, however, it can seem overwhelming! But even with Mars and Saturn, for example, hitting us hard from time to time, there is the secreted opportunity that James Tyman referred to when he said:  'We do not know how deep a lesson has gone until we have the chance to practice it.' This statement is never more true than when difficult transits strike a sensitive point in the chart, say transiting Saturn making a conjunction to the Ascendant.

Conjunctions (such as the one above) or any contact by a transiting planet generally occurs three times, occasionally more, due to its retrograde motion. At the commencement of such a process, the initial contact is frequently overpowering, as though we are hit by a huge wave that knocks us to our knees. Our first rattled impression is 'wow, what was that?' When the wave dissipates, we pick ourselves up and go on, often without further reflection about its possible meaning or with flat-out denial that a problem even exists. The 2nd hit of a transit is a further wake-up call that denial, avoidance, or lack of attention has worn thin, because the issue at hand will not magically disappear. Too often, though, we operate under the illusion that we can continue doing the same old things, in the same old way, and somehow derive a new outcome! But as the pain or crisis meter increases, some sort of constructive action is required. And if two direct bonks are not enough, the 3rd contact provides the final opportunity to resolve the situation (or the main theme pointed to by the transit) and coalesces our learning for the much-deserved step up the ladder of growth. How many of us would actually make the required changes if our feet were not held to the fire three or more times? With resistance to change such an integral part of human nature, it is likely these infrequent, sometimes once-in-a-lifetime opportunities would pass us by, only to leave us functioning in the outworn patterns of stagnation and ineffectiveness wherein we have entrenched ourselves, be they jobs, relationships, or living situations. We then endure the rest of our life, but not live it as fully as the natal blueprint suggests is possible.

Perhaps the greatest opportunity for spiritual growth occurs when a given transiting aspect sets off a similar difficult natal aspect, such as the leg of a T-square, or hits a concentrated area of the chart occupied by a stellium. If the issue highlighted by the natal aspect remains unresolved, the transiting aspect illuminates the long-term pattern of crippling dysfunction. When a series of transits keep sensitizing a given point or area, they can pave the way for a major surge of growth. These challenging episodes are a window of opportunity for modifying or discarding long-standing patterns of homeostasis, which is particularly true of outer-planet transits that evoke a major crisis, upheaval, or significant loss. The intense suffering caused by such a transit often induces soul searching and powerful change. In her explicit style, Donna Cunningham notes:  'Outer planets create a lot of reality for everyone.' Though grueling at the time of their occurrence, outer-planet transits are a potent impetus for major transformation.

It seems evident, in the larger planetary cycles we encounter over the course of a lifetime, such as the 12-year cycle of Jupiter or the 29 1/2-year cycle of Saturn, that underlying them is a pervading goodness. There is also an evident helpfulness in the laws governing life, which, as they unfold in our daily experiences, embody the potential for movement to a higher level of functioning. The process is actually a merciful one, because the level of intensity is moderated by these multiple, transiting contacts that are alternately in our face and then back off. The whole process of some transiting aspects may last two to three years or longer, which enables us to assess the fall-out, assimilate the ruins, contemplate required changes, and formulate a psychologically mature plan of how best to respond. If, after a necessary period of reflection, an individual decides that a pragmatic course is the better part of wisdom, there are only two relevant questions one needs to ask:  (1) What can I learn from this? and (2) What do I do about it now?

A final example of another merciful process is the Sun moving a degree/year as it progresses over our lifetime. Again, it's a 30-year process, wherein the Sun travels from its natal degree to the same degree in the following sign and then onto another sign, or possibly two. Over this 30 years of vital character training within a sign—day by manageable day, the individual is given a chance to determine how best to use the positive energies of the sign and thereby cast off any undesirable traits that impede, rather than serve, the highest, long-term strivings of the soul and potential of the natal template.

In closing, Isabel Hickey wrote:  'Space is curved. There is no such thing as a straight line in the universe. Everything, by cosmic law, must return to its source.' This statement is well worth contemplating, especially as it relates to the premise of a benign Universe and the power of a prevailing Love, both as they apply to the beginning and end of any cyclic path of duality. What we would like to receive, we must first be willing to unconditionally send forth. A good place to begin would be to endeavor to express the highest manifestation of our Sun sign, which is the vital center or heart of the chart, and so strive to learn its specific, soul lesson, be that of peace, brotherhood, service, or love.

By living always with love and goodwill as our co-partners in thought, word, and deed, we create an authentic lovingness at the very roots of our being that is carried over in our subsequent spiritual and earthly inheritance, as shown in our future natal charts. Then, one day in a near or far lifetime, depending on our willingness to create our world with the broad stroke of love, we will be the deserving recipients of a chart with its goodly share of sextiles, trines, and/or amazingly fortunate placement by sign, house, and aspects of Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune, for instance. We might also have planets in their own signs/houses or exaltation, or otherwise very strongly placed because this would show a past 'good use' of these energies. Haven't we all seen such a chart and felt its amazing aura of potential for the individual to serve the world? Such a starry template, or inner signature, is what each of us can and will one day create of our own accord, when we get to experience first hand how love always prevails in the end. It is toward this noble destiny that we each must eventually strive with a one-pointed effort.


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© Zane Maser 2004.
This article was published in Altair, Journal of the White Eagle School of Astrology, Volume XII, No. 2, pages 23-31 (2004).

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