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Zane Maser

Simplicity is the art of making life holy.

One of the primary canons of White Eagle's teachings is simplicity. He elevates it with humility and selflessness, thus forming a triangle of virtues to strive toward. To keep this quality forefront in our minds, even the opening words of our absent healing services suggest that we access an amazing power to heal when we fully surrender to the Christ with simplicity, humility, and truth. The Master R of our Lodge recommends to anyone who would quicken the arrival of the New Age to "live simply and purely in body, mind, and soul." This is akin to the Quaker adage, "Let your life speak."

Ideally, simplicity is a state of being wherein peace and contentment bubble up from within. Its antithesis is rushing about with an over-active mind always seeking and wanting, but never being satisfied with the latest trends, acquisition(s), or experiences. Simple at heart means arranging our life in a harmonious and discerning way that allows us to accept cosmic joy as the effortless diet of the day, making all meals a satisfying delight! The more one embraces an uncomplicated daily life, the realization grows that less is often much, much more—more inherently pleasing, more deeply soul satisfying. It is the ahhhhhh—the fulfillment that accrues from this mode of life, which is actually life-more-abundant.

Fashioning an unassuming life has numerous, practical benefits. As a conserver of time and energy, simplicity is an elegant and highly efficient—and effective—use of one's resources on all levels. There is greater adaptability to the changing environments and the demands and uncertainties of today's world, because there is far less personal clutter, waste, or psychological baggage clamoring for attention. There is also the vital ingredient of acceptance, which dissolves clinging and resisting, thus allowing life, people, and events to simply be as they are. And there is freedom from many societal and familial "shoulds." The weight and senseless pressure of donning an artificial persona, that is, a face for the world that is not authentically based, falls away. As one's life becomes more real, a tempo and spaciousness are created that invites a quiet mind, a flowering of inner guidance, and a wisdom and illumination born of stillness.

In my personal process of paring down, astrologically speaking, no-frill Saturn—who often demands sacrifice and endurance—has been traveling through my natal Twelfth House of elimination and endings. A whole cycle has wrapped up. For well over two years, I have sorted out and let go of much that is now superfluous. Some of this emptying and partings have been very painful. Cancer took our beloved cat-son, Bodhi. Relationships have slipped away. Old dreams have faded. Possessions shared. The garbage bin has overflowed, more than once!

Other changes, by contrast, are thoroughly revitalizing. Rooms in our home are sparser and vibrate with new colors of greater affinity. Parts of our garden were redesigned in striking ways to economize on maintenance and water. Neighbors rejoiced with our give-away of plants and bulbs. I am using my precious resources (energy, time, money, etc.) more astutely than ever before.

With its temporary restraints and imposed loss, Saturn's focusing role is to help us organize and concentrate our energy in ways that enhance our self-discipline, maturity, and wisdom. The spiritual function of Saturn is perfection, thus we are assured that our perseverance and integrity are justly rewarded—in due time—by our conscientiousness.

By no means, however, is Saturn all grim and hampering. Recent, happy news came that we are to become first-time grandparents! When rightly earned, Saturn also brings its share of rewards and possibilities for advancement.

My personal streamlining has been the precursor for Saturn passing over the Ascendant of my chart, ushering in a time for further consolidation and hard work. As transiting Saturn activates the single, most important point in my chart (the Asc.), it can coincide with times of greater stress and responsibilities, frustrations, lowered vitality, issues of health, vague fears, and a feeling of uncertainty. Especially when one of the slower-moving planets transits through the First House, it signals a fundamental 'meditation upon identity,' partly because the Ascendant represents (and will always recall) our initial birth from the womb.

This period is thus an opportunity, albeit a tender, vulnerable time, to appraise and better define who I am today—much like the birth pangs of a new self—from simple choices and changes, like a new hairstyle or wardrobe to dropping excess body weight. Creating new meaning and direction is also likely to accompany the closing of old doors as new ones appear in the offing. An evolving, more genuine self-expression is emerging due, in large part, to the inner and outer changes accomplished when Saturn was secluded but steadily pruning in the Twelfth House. "Do not wish to be anything but what you are," St. Francis de Sales wrote, "and try to be that perfectly."

On a collective level, too, there is a heavenly call for humanity to simplify. Since the recent Solar Eclipse (September 11), when the New Moon and the Sun joined in Virgo, a gateway opened that suggests each of us roll up our sleeves and get our own life in order. Being a sign that thrives on effectiveness and thrift, Virgo's refining role is to bring us down to earth to assess, sort, and sweep out what no longer is of value.

Ask yourself, if I were starting afresh today, would I need or want this? Does it add to the quality of my life? If not, empty those physical, mental, and emotional closets and reassess your lifestyle from ground zero! How light-of-load do you want your life to be a year from now? In two years? What then would be your list of simple pleasures? How free would you feel?

Another favorable signature that underpins this theme of lean and clean was the planetary shift of Saturn entering Virgo on September 2 for the next two-plus years. While Virgo inclines us to fine-tune our lives in ways that are natural and sensible, Saturn deepens our intentions, helping us to narrow and complete our various endeavors. Combined, these two have a mutual distaste for disarray and excess. This is a realistic and economical pairing—an ideal chance to simplify!

Taken to an extreme, Saturn in Virgo can be an overly serious and critical taskmaster, but when well managed, this competent duo can hone and accomplish a tremendous amount with great skill and integrity. Their added discipline and clarity supports an agenda of conscious simplicity through 'getting it together!' Whichever house (specific area of life) the sign of Virgo occupies in your natal chart, it will provide some general guidance as to what may no longer serve you and hence be wisely relinquished.

For those of us on a spiritual path, learning how to discern the true treasures—those awaiting us in heaven—is both the means and end. One such way to progress is by keeping our thoughts and vision centered on the example of an unpretentious master soul. Having transcended the many humanly desires and emotions of their being, a master is one who leads a consciously simple life. All great souls are gentle and simple, sweet and childlike. Virtually unrecognized by the harried masses, this humble being creates a small imprint in terms of garnering anything 'material' unto self, yet leaves a priceless legacy. A master shines a light on the narrow, less trodden road to spiritual wealth. As a clear signpost, White Eagle underscores the simple way in both the opening words (above) and these closing ones of our healing services: "Let us strive to live simply, with humility and high endeavor."

© Zane Maser 2007.
This article was published in Drumbeat, Journal of the White Eagle Lodge (Canada), Volume 15, Issue 3, pages 4-6 (2007).


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