Chris Maser

Have ever asked yourself:  What difference can I, as one person, make? The answer is always the same—you make a difference just by living. Whether the affect you have is positive or negative is another issue.

If you have ever wondered:  Can I, as one person, help to make the world a little better for privilege of having been here? The answer is unequivocally "Yes!"

In both cases, however, you need to understand the "Snowflake Principle." To comprehend the value and power of your thoughts and actions in the collective context of society, pretend for a moment that we are all snowflakes and part of the first snow of winter. Numbering in the millions, we fall one by one out of a quiet sky, touching our neighbors as we whirl and spin to Earth. As we fall, we magnify one another until we blot out the sky.

The pioneers, the first flakes to fall, land on warm soil and melt, disappearing without an apparent trace. But are they really lost? Have they had no effect? Each flake that landed on the soil, only to melt into apparent oblivion, has given its coolness to the earth until, after enough flakes have landed and melted, the temperature of the soil drops.

Finally, because of the cumulative effect of all the flakes that have gone before, the soil has cooled enough for us—you and me—to survive as we land, and still the flakes fall, each in its turn. It snows all night, and by morning, a glittering, transformed world greets the rising sun. As far as the eye can see is a world of winter white, as we add our collective beauty to the wonder of the Universe, which honors the Zen insight:  The snow falls, each flake in its appropriate place.

We can do this; we can each grow in consciousness, which is only a choice—our personal choice. After all, how we individually think and behave will depend on our level of understanding the dynamics of cause and effect we send, as never-ending stories, into eternity.

By analogy, despite the outcome of an election in our democracy, your vote carries the same weight, whether it is the first to be cast or the last. It makes no difference whether you melt as one of the minority or stick as one of the current majority, the level of consciousness with which you vote is your irreplaceable gift to the world—and all generations therein. The quality of the outcome, informed by your vote, rests in the judgment of time.

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