November 12, 1991

Dear Chris,

This is a much-delayed thank you for an excellent and thought provoking presentation at our Forest Service Orientation in Milwaukee [Wisconsin]. You did not let your cold hamper your delivery and gave us what we needed to open up or session. As described by one participant, your presentation "was powerful stuff" and started our session on the right path.

You will be pleased to know that in terms of information and effectiveness, the participants rated your presentation as 4.2 out of a possible 5. Additional comments included, "pleased that Chris was chosen as the initial speaker for the session because his values set the tone for the session," and "his philosophy on the balance of all natural systems is vital and essential to the change that is encompassing the organization as well as individuals as a whole." The high average rating and positive comments we received from the participants tells us that we should use your skills as a speaker again.

Again Chris, thanks for a job well done. We look forward to the possibility of scheduling you for other programs we may have in the future.


Dave Shultz
Human Resources Staff
USDA Forest Service