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Zane Maser

Understand that life itself is the Sun in you, and the Sun is the Christ spirit;
and that the Christ spirit is divine love, which is ever creative,
ever bringing light out of darkness. The real you, the essence of this love,
this light; for you are not the little earthly personality that you think you are.

White Eagle

The annual cycle of nature gives us a perfect demonstration of how the temporarily imprisoned splendour of eternal life and light arises anew each spring. When we reach the vernal equinox—a time of balance between darkness and light, life is poised to once again manifest all its hope, promise, and brightness. Winter, with its crucifying coldness and darkness, fades. The lengthening daylight is a release, a renewal of the inner divine spark, in which human and natural life are delivered from a self-enclosed state. A fresh opportunity to unfold and redeem our lustrous Sun qualities is the birthright and blessing of every soul, especially during Easter when the Sun is revivified. This process of salvation is the sole mission of the golden Christ Spirit as revealed by the resurrection of Master Jesus from the cross of earthly concerns to which he was no longer bound.

In practical reality, moving from a state of bondage to one of freedom is a most lofty aspiration and no easy task—simple and straight forward, yes, but not easy! Masters, like Jesus, are the mentors who light the way and show us how we too can change our physical atoms from those of darkness and suffering to those of pure light and joy. While, in rare instances, some individuals experience a dramatic release in what appears a blinding flash or an immediate success, like Saul of Tarsus, the majority of us valiantly struggle daily to eek out gradual progress in what often feels like a snail's pace. And sometimes this momentum appears to be 3 steps forward and 2 backward! These temporary setbacks, however unwelcome, are a vital part of the process, largely because we learn, not so much by the travails to which we are subjected, but by our heart's response to the tests

It is good to remember that we are crucified in all the little moments when our ego is thwarted, as our Higher Self steps in to fill the vacuum left by the relinquishment of purely self-oriented desires and ambitions. In the times when we give up control of a coveted outcome, we drink from the cup at Gethsemane. When arguments are heated, when we want nothing more than to be 'right' so the other person is made 'wrong', if we then chose cooperation over winning, we manifest the freedom of surrendering to a higher light, strength, and purpose. Each time we are able to laugh at our own passing foibles are we washed clean of taking ourselves too seriously.

Our major lessons are often learned during our darkest moments, when our crucifixions are the most strenuous. All experiences, when viewed from a true perspective, are actually moments of sloughing off 'all that is not of the light.' These periods signify an undergoing or preparation as in Lent, the hard work, and self discipline of mind and body necessary to become Self-radiant. We thus see, according to the choices we make, that each circumstance or relationship, however brief or long-term, can be a minor or magnificent turning point to be purified and renewed by the divine 'I AM' presence within. Each time we diminish our egos, our interior light shines in ever-widening splendour to reveal His infinite power, wisdom, and love.

As at all the annual festivals, the imprisoned splendour is stimulated and called to 'come forth' as was Lazarus when he arose from the tomb of material senses and life. Jesus also 'came forth' from his burial tomb of apparent 'death.' When we finally do wake up to the cosmic paradox, we realize that God's boundless Light has always been safely secreted in our hearts, what White Eagle refers to as 'the great center of love.' There is no place we need to go but within. Robert Browning, in his well known poem, eloquently wrote:   "There is an inmost centre in us all, where truth abides in fulness … and, to know, rather consists in opening out a way whence the imprisoned splendour may escape."

As we continually open to the spiritual life force and life's infinite possibilities, we become more aware of the God in all life and that we live within the circle of God's irresistible Light and Love. Furthermore, we realize that our heart is in fact a tiny replica of the Sun, of the luminous heart of God. As the splendour of light is made manifest through the power given to us to transform ourselves, so God's Kingdom of Love comes to earth in the subtle as well as dramatic moments of crucifixion. By gradual, persistent efforts to live joy, truth, beauty, and kindness are we saved and resurrected. Each small choice, each small step allows the shining light to become a living force for goodness and peaceful, brotherly ways. Bit by bit, as the little self lessens its powerful grip, we are able to hear within the quietness of our hearts the echoing refrain: 'May the Light of Christ shining in and from our hearts illumine our understanding and the understanding of all people. May we ever move closer to manifesting our hidden splendour in all our thoughts, words, and deeds. And may we rise triumphant in the Light and Love of God.'


© Zane Maser 2003.

This article was published in Drumbeat, Journal of the White Eagle Lodge (Canada), Volume 11, No. 1, pages 16-17 (August 2003).

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