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Zane Maser

I sit quietly, my mind at rest. Peace ensues.
Openness occurs. The Divine visits.
All is delightfully perfect, as it is meant to be.

Lately, the last month or more, I've been getting lots of lessons about the perfection of timing. After all, being an astrologer, I am constantly immersed in the study of short- and long-term cycles, natural rhythms, and timing. But this current learning taps a more personal root, instructing me about trust and faith. A very patient, Guiding Hand seems to be saying, "You have to finally get this. There is neither a reason to rush nor to fret."

So, I attempt to be an attentive student, chuckling in amazement as more profound examples stack up! My doubting-Thomas, quibbling outer mind has less and less sturdy ground upon which to base and create anxiety and disbelief. In any case, the Universe is an entirely orderly place.

Conceivably one of the week's most dramatic, inspiring examples of timeliness occurred when I received an email from a dear friend. I had mailed her Christmas package on December 7, bound for overseas, feeling assured the gift would arrive in plenty of time. She wrote on January 4 to say that "the wonderful package" was waiting on her doorstep when she returned from a morning's meeting. "Now I will tell you why the spirit world kept the packet until this morning to arrive," she explained.

She went on to tell me that she'd had some extremely difficult family moments during the holidays (unbeknownst to me), which left her feeling terribly depressed and physically ill, to the point of realizing there was an non-crossable, emotional chasm between her and a loved one. Her sense of loss was tremendous. Having just received a big boost from sorting out the unfinished emotional residue from the holiday gathering and then spotting the awaiting package, she knew exactly why the supportive energy and timing of the gifts had been mysteriously delayed until that very moment. "Another huge thank you for being here when I really needed you the most!"

In the art of astrology, "horary charts" are cast to ask a specific question, such as "will I get this job offer?" There are also "event charts" that mark an occasion like a death or the inauguration of a president, as well as "electional charts" that are specially set up to pinpoint an auspicious moment to begin a marriage or open the doors of a business. These three types employ essentially the same criteria to judge the charts, though the rules are applied differently: one to determine the likely outcome (horary), another to indicate what happened (event), and the other to negotiate with the planetary factors in order to choose the best probable success (electional). All charts are remarkable in the ways they speak to timing-for instance, one inwardly ("spiritually") selected as in the moment of death and another to consciously select the most fortuitous instant to say "I do."

In a week highlighting our friends, both in happy and somber outcomes, one friend had a massive stroke. Early on, it became evident she would most likely die. It was all our hopes that she would pass quickly from her deep and imprisoned state of coma into the Light-filled, inner world of spirit. I posed the question in a horary chart whether she would in fact pass on quickly.

The overall tenor of the chart showed abundant testimonies that death was near. The ruler of the chart, which describes her level of vitality and health, was strongly debilitated and in an angular house, suggesting there would be a swift outcome. In horary interpretation, both Mars and Saturn are considered naturally malefic and the "bringers of death," especially when they afflict the Sun (life force) and are tied to the 6th house (illness and disease) and/or 8th house of death.

In this chart for my question, Saturn sits right on the 6th house cusp, describing her weak and rapidly declining state. The Sun in the 8th house casts a straining square link to Saturn, one that is applying and thus reveals an upcoming (influential) effect, while Mars (also in the 8th house) sits next to the Sun, hastening the process of release from the body. Death is reinforced by the Sun's rulership of the 4th house of endings and the "grave," as both Mars and Saturn in essence destroy what is left of her precious life's energies. At this point in time, the few grains in the top of the hourglass of her life were about to run out.

Seven hours after the horary chart was drawn up, our friend died. In the (event) chart at the moment of her death, the ruler of the 8th house is on the cusp of the 8th house and conjunct Uranus, describing the sudden separation and freedom of her spirit from the body and the huge changes that would result for her family. The ruler of this chart is also strongly debilitated, located in the 4th house of endings square Jupiter in the 8th. In the seven hours that had passed, the Sun moved to tighten that challenging square to Saturn, often referred to as the Grim Reaper.

When all the planetary factors lined up for her peaceful exit (Jupiter in gentle Pisces ruling the 8th house) and the precise timing her soul had chosen, the Angel of Death enfolded her in soft arms, just like a new-born babe awakened to the inner world of Light and eternal Beauty. As one door of life closed, another opened. It is her time now to begin a new and wonderful phase of her "higher" development. We know she'll be joyfully tending her flowers in her spirit garden, fresh and vital as a daisy!

This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we but know
what to do with it.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

In my own evolutionary timetable, I'm crossing my fingers that I will be able to attend an in-depth, advanced training in astrology held in early March. Right now, it is booked full, and my name is 15th on the waiting list! Will the Cosmic Green Light line up in my favor in fortunate Jupiterian fashion, saying the time has come, as I am now inwardly ready to advance, expand, and broaden my knowledge and experience? My intuitive hunch says an optimistic yes, even with these long-shot odds. We'll see if it is meant to be. Regardless, my growing trust and faith will not be disappointed whichever way it turns out—all is in Perfect Order.

The spider weaves its web-the web of life-with every tiny thread spun_ to
exquisite pattern. All is good. Everything in life is being thus made use of.
Patiently the spider works; patiently must the soul of each person
work also, using every fragment of material, every experience to weave the pattern perfect.

White Eagle

© Zane Maser 2011

Zane Maser is both a graduate of the White Eagle School of Astrology and a Qualified Horary Practitioner (Q.H.P.).

For information about the White Eagle work in North America, visit White Eagle Lodge


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