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Zane Maser

Ice crystals as the new year dawns

My mom passed on in September 2009. Zoe, our last cat, passed away on Christmas day 2009. Elderly Silver, my mom's only surviving cat at her death, passed on peacefully in our home in mid May 2010.

For well over a year, my life has felt, in some respects, to be in a state of suspended animation, reflecting and reviewing chapters now closed. There were too many moments to count when I felt capsized in terrible loss and sorrow, with a heavy sense of separation from loved ones no longer physically present. My inner sunlight obscured temporarily, I kept my faith that this thick and dark veil shall too pass.

I didn't know quite how it would be, but Christmas day and the day after were extremely difficult "Zoe-anniversary" days for me. Numbness was an apt descriptor. A whole year for an animal-empty home had raced by and yet dragged slowly.

To my great surprise and delight, on December 27, out-of-the-blue, the overall Energetic Scene completely shifted for me. Inwardly, I was aware of a new, spacious feeling of unity. Of a strong, abiding togetherness. Of deep, unbroken sharing, which had actually been present all the time. Of nothing—no thing—missing. Of a peaceful joy filling my heart to capacity. My energetic poles had switched through no conscious effort on my part, much like a New-Year epiphany! I was released from the valley of the shadow of death—for Thou were truly with me every step.

Since my spontaneous re-centering, I am relishing this day and open to future possibilities, no longer feeling divided and looking in the rear-view mirror pining for what is missing. Everything, including all my family in spirit, feels present—here with me now. Of course, they always have been and forever will be!

This is a great demonstration of how all my thoughts are what I embody, literally in my cells, bodily organs, and outer life. Thoughts and feelings of fragmentation are ones of agitation, disruption, discord, and dis-ease, with blockages and sharp corners that energy must navigate. In contrast, the state of oneness is a serene, harmonious, holistic life—wide open, smooth, rounded.

Yesterday, a remarkable Solar eclipse occurred, ushering in the new year with a major amount of planetary activity that points generally to new beginnings and perspectives, momentous shifts, and further expansion as a new cycle gets underway. With the transcendent planets Uranus and Neptune changing signs this year (Uranus moving into bold Aries and Neptune into spiritual Pisces), as well as fortunate Jupiter moving into adventure-loving Aries on January 22, it suggests we are individually and collectively on the verge of new frontiers. If we leap with courage and vision, new gateways present themselves.

Right on time in the Cosmic Schedule, many of us are ready for personal breakthroughs and realignments, like the pole shift I experienced. The Solar eclipse, happening in the mid degrees of masterful Capricorn, connected the dots to my natal Uranus—boom, the sudden liberation and shift from feeling divided to being in union with my self. The momentum is ripe for an entirely new chapter and authentic way of being for all of us who share and loving care take this beautiful Planet Earth.

Making the most of my "new life," I welcome the counsel of Mari Smith, who suggests choosing a "one-word theme" as a focus of intent for the auspicious New Year. Bubbling quickly up into my consciousness, my theme for the magical unfoldment of 2011 is ONENESS.

It will be the immoveable center around which my energies will be focused, surely manifesting in all manner of bounty. What an enterprising experiment! I invite you, too, to pick your word. Keep in mind, as all the Ancient Wisdom and Spiritual Scriptures tell us, how much power there is in a single word!!


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