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Zane Maser

Why should you love conditions which are difficult and irksome, you ask? Nevertheless, this is exactly your task. Bear no resentment. Nothing happens out of order or by chance, and the great Law brings those very conditions in your life which you need for growth.

White Eagle

Uranus is the planetary principle related to change. It operates without advance warning, instigating change that comes in the form of sudden and unexpected surprises, events, or experiences, either enjoyable or otherwise. These periodic upheavals are generally a "shock" to one's system, like being given a direct wake-up call from Spirit, or more accurately, direct from one's inner requirement to move on. Uranus is the out-in-the-open zap! factor in our life. It zaps us in direct and forceful ways, according to our own soul's timetable, whether we are outwardly ready for it or not. Because Uranus defies boundaries, it tends to jolt us out of our homeostatic boxes.

In the spirit of Uranus, recent weather events may come to mind. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita are outer-level, catastrophic events that affect all of us on a collective level, yet many people are also cataclysmically affected in a personal way. A hurricane is not a strictly Uranian event, in the sense that it is hurricane season and these enormously disruptive storms can be accurately tracked and fairly well predicted. But even Rita, as it approached the Texas coastline, veered slightly to the east, sparing Galveston and Houston with its frontal assault, only to devastate Port Arthur and Beaumont, Texas. Many of these residents are temporarily uprooted and unsettled with life interrupted and upside down—themes of Uranus. All of a sudden, some aspect(s) of the lives these people were leading was abruptly and irrevocably changed. Parts of the Gulf Coast and many people's lives got an "extreme makeover."

On the earthly level, the ultimate health of our lives and every living system is based on disruption in one form or another. In nature, these sporadically, recurring patterns are called "disturbance regimes." They are a vital impetus that regenerates and sustains life. All life is designed by these unforeseen events, which are out of our control, novel, and often calamitous, yet they tend to keep us vibrant and ever transforming. They force life to adapt to fresh, innovative pathways of being. Off the coast of Australia, for example, the corals at the outer edge of the reef, which experience the most violent disturbances, are often vastly more resilient and healthy than those in quiet, protected water.

Taken to the psychological level, Uranus tends to demolish the inflexible entrenchments (such as rigid habits and routines, stagnating circumstances, unconscious behaviors) that we all build for the purpose of protecting what is known, secure, regular, and predictable, even to the point of sacrificing personal aliveness and happiness to keep everything within its comfortable place. By way of illustration, think of an unplanned, inner hurricane (like a sudden divorce or estrangement, death of a loved one, severance from a cherished job) that can literally rip through any of our personal lives, tearing it asunder and leaving in its wake an agonizing vulnerability. This, in a sense, is like something "bad" happening to force something better.

Uranus can temporarily shatter our life and thereby liberate us from hardened, outmoded forms and static conditions. Uranus operates by eliminating from our lives all kinds of constraints—the old, taken-for-granted ways that no longer promote inner growth. Spiritual energy is then able to circulate into more genuine and freer patterns of interest and self-expression, resulting in a greater alignment with the person we truly are in the present moment.

Seen in the right perspective, Uranus can clarify the reason a situation, person, or attitude was a limitation in our life and hence removed. No wonder this "awakener" is called the planet of destiny—the energy that initially breaks us down in order for us to break through to a higher level of functioning and consciousness. Thus, do we progress ever closer to our authentic, spiritual Self.

White Eagle assures us that "before every soul is a path of progress; every soul has the opportunity to grow in spirit…." Uranus is a planetary gift, enabling us to reach new possibilities. If we resist or resent the change, then we prolong the agony and miss the lesson(s) of Uranus. It's not what has happened but how we respond to the changes that matters most. However painful and disorienting the alterations may be initially, the results are always progressive. Our acceptance of the process eases any discomfort. Uranus frees us and quickens our spirit. In the end, Uranus is the bringer of greater light—the Light of new Life.

© Zane Maser 2005.
This article was published in Drumbeat, Journal of the White Eagle Lodge (Canada), Volume 13, Issue 3, pages 8-9 (2005).


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