Dear Chris,

I am writing to you with much gratitude for your clarity, your hopefulness, and your wisdom. It has been almost a year since you helped us with our community conference, and I keep going back to the material for guidance.

There is much more that you brought to the conference--your emphasis on building trust, of valuing what each individual has to offer and of speaking about things in the positive. Your slides were powerful for me because of their clarity and because pictures work in different ways than words. Your story about the people of the Nile River and what happened after the Aswan Dam was built spoke directly to our hearts. So--many, many thanks for all that you taught us and for sharing your experiences and perspective and a way of working together in a visioning process.

With much warmth and regard,


(Tasha is a resident of Whitethorn, California, where I helped with a vision statement for the community's future.)