September 5, 1999

To Whom It May Concern:

As you know, marshalling a group of environmentalists is like herding cats. However, to be effective, we all have to work together. To this end, we invited Chris Maser to help us get some focus, some common direction, a vision.

As Chair of Marys Peak Group Sierra Club with a geographically dispersed membership of 2,700 members, I invited all of our members to attend a one day workshop in February 1997. Chris helped us to see our fragmentation, helped us 'step back' to find our common grounds--the reason we had become environmentalists in the first place, and encouraged us to find the common stream of intent that would enable us to continue our own work in a manner that would support the common direction and goal.

While the group did not reach a vision statement that day, the ground work gave us the opportunity to see what needed to be done.

Chris is an able facilitator, a knowledgeable leader, and an intuitive visionary. If your organization needs focus, call Chris Maser!


Sue Johnston
Chair, Marys Peak Group
Sierra Club