We are One

     We, as human beings, whether we like it or not, are interdependent: person with person, village with village, city with city, nation with nation, society with society, religion with religion, human with Nature, Nature with human, human and the stars, ad infinitum. As an individual human being, I am the center of the Universe, because I am the center of all interdependencies; all interdependencies radiate from me in my perceptions of the Universe and come back to me in my perceptions of the Universe. As I am the center of the Universe, so are you, so is everything in Creation. Thus, the center of the Universe is everywhere and nowhere.
     Because we are each the center of the Universe and because all we can do is change and in so doing affect change around us, we are Creation in creation to create. We are therefore perpetually in relationship. This being so, my wife and I have concluded that we can become more centered in ourselves and in the Universe by giving the only real gift to give each other that we have: our love, our trust, our respect, and the benefit of our life's experiences through working toward perfecting our relationship of more than two decades.
     Perfecting our relationship means change! It means identifying and choosing to break old, unwanted cycles, such as the dance of anger. It means being okay with each other as we stand emotionally naked before the other. It means always being in the present, in the here and now.
     As we struggle day to day toward perfecting our relationship with each other, we find that our relationship with everyone and everything beyond the two of us improves as well and becomes more authentic. Our universal interdependence is becoming increasingly clear as we learn to see each other and, through each other, The Eternal Mystery in humanity and humanity in The Eternal Mystery.
     We the people—all of us, everywhere—are one. We are the sum of our similarities and of our differences. We are the World and therefore the Universe because we are inseparably united with one another and all of Creation!

In respectful memory of In-mut-too-yah-lat-lat.
© chris maser 2002. All rights reserved.

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