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Zane Maser

We in the spirit world have a truly merry Christmas. No long faces, no miseries at all, really a merry, merry Christmas! We sing and dance and we praise and we play with the children. The spirit world is the happiest place you can conceive.

White Eagle

Christmas is the season of merriment and pleasure. Truly, the keynote of this season is joy, providing we don't get overly trapped in the material aspects of this holiday. Christmas can be a time when we allow the childlike, spontaneous things—the divine Child in each of us—to take us back to the heart of happiness. Ideally, Christmas includes getting away from it 'all' in relaxed activities with those we love, especially our children. For many of us, both those who have human children and those who do not, this includes the wonderful celebration of sharing life and love with our "animal" children. Sometimes our most significant and passionate 'love affairs' are those with our 'four-legged' ('two-legged' birds too!) children, where our bonds of attachment and commitment can be as strong and special as with any human.

In the astrological wheel of houses (specific arenas or fields of life experience), the fifth house, which is the natural house of Leo and of the Sun, is called the house of play. This house includes a number of themes that could easily be associated with the high spirits and jollity of Christmas—the greatest festival of the Sun (the new-born Son or Child). In short, fifth-house activities are the ones that make us feel good to be who we are and to be alive. Some of these are pleasurable outlets and leisure time, games, the spontaneous enjoyment of life, creative outcomes, fulfillment, bliss, and children. This house also represents our own, gentle Inner Child, that natural part of us that loves to romp and laugh and remain eternally young at heart—running and jumping unbridled side-by-side with our favorite animal(s). If given the chance, this is the part of us that continues to be strongly attuned to the world of animals and nature.

All fifth-house activities are dependent on being relaxed and vitally open to the present moment—in "the zone," if you will. Both animals and children are adept as masterful teachers of being fully involved in the moment and thus are affiliated with the enjoyments of the fifth house. They help us participate in recreation that is foolish fun or silly time when we can momentarily take a much-needed break from the tasks of adult responsibilities. In a therapeutic twist, the word 'recreation' literally means to make anew, to rejuvenate and inspire with fresh life and energy.

Pets and other animals are often included within the sixth astrological house, but they are a natural fit in the fifth house of the heart and of love enthusiastically given. Animals want only to love and to be loved. In their simple innocence and trust, our animals help us access the childlike love and purity within ourselves every day of the year and especially during the time when the lively spirit of Christmas is afoot.

As the animal healing duo, we are privileged to annually receive countless letters that share with us the special blessing people feel from the furry and feathered members of their family. Some notes radiate an irrepressible joy over the pleasure and contentment their beloved animal kids bring to their daily lives. Stories and recollections told with simple sweetness regarding the significant learning that comes from kids who look at us from soulful eyes with such unconditional love and loyalty. The other feeling most often expressed is gratitude that our Father-Mother God gives them the opportunity to be parents to their animals who are every bit as much children of the Divine as are each of us.

Spoke White Eagle, "God be in your heart…. God be with you in your Christmas joys, in your fun, in your games, in your music, in your thoughts. Let God be your companion, in full consciousness." In the loving spirit of Christmas, may you and your family—animal children too! —receive into your waiting hearts the heavenly outpouring of Light and Life. We send you our warmest wishes for a truly play-filled and joyous holiday season and a New Year open to bright new possibilities.

Denise and Zane

© On Eagle's Wings, White Eagle Newsletter For The Americas. Volume 22, No. 4, Page 8 (2004)

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