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The Spiritual Way of Astrology


Your message is so beautiful, and I will be sharing it with many. It sends love straight to the heart center.
K. P., California

The Small Is Beautiful Manifesto

Each report is unique, innovative, and personally written for you.

A Birth Chart Consultation

Having your astrological chart read is like getting an I.D. card from the Universe.
Trissie Callan

My consultations blend the psychological and spiritual in a simple and practical way to address your current concerns and/or specific questions. It is helpful for me to know something about your background and also what you especially want from the session so your chart's information is most relevant at this point in your life journey. This allows me to deepen my preparation of your chart and thereby focus on the areas or issues most pressing to you.

Consultations are by telephone or in person. The information from our consultation will help you gain a greater awareness and understanding of your natural temperament, patterns, potential, strengths, and creative inclinations illuminated by your natal chart. I look at the challenges and lessons suggested in your chart, as well as telling you about the "compass" direction (the Lunar Nodal Axis) indicated for soul and spiritual growth in this lifetime. The symbolism and promise shown in your birth chart can be a wondrous mirror that clearly reveals who you truly are—at the deepest core. An astrological recording can be a personal call to awaken, right now, right where you are!

To do your chart, I will need your accurate birth data:  date, time, and place. A birth certificate usually provides the most accurate time of birth. If you have an approximate time or are guessing, it can make enough difference to produce an inaccurate chart. An inaccurate birth time of a mere 15 minutes may produce an incorrect, unusable chart.

• A 30-minute telephone consultation, which includes a copy of your chart, is $90.

• A 60 minute telephone consultation, which includes a copy of your chart, is $185.

• If you would like a follow-up session on your natal chart, we can arrange to have a chat via telephone. The cost is $85 per hour.

I am available for in-person consultations here in Corvallis, Oregon. The cost is the same as a telephone consultation.

For an astrological consultation, please contact me.

Testimonials from Clients

"Zane, you truly have an extraordinary gift with astrology. I found your interpretation of my chart to be absolutely fascinating and compelling. As you know, I have studied astrology for many years yet I was deeply impressed with your wisdom and unique insight. I cannot even find enough words to convey my gratitude for your hard and masterful work on my behalf. You possess sheer genius, my Friend. I will definitely read this chart interpretation again and again as well as recommending your services to everyone I know. You are a gifted and beautiful soul with a wonderful talent to share with the world."
Kathryn Brinkley, author of Jewels for the Soul:  Spiritual Reflections and Affirmations for the Heart and Soul

"I can only say that I am most grateful, Zane, most grateful for your loving, compassionate, and kind work. I find NOTHING that does not explain many confusions in my life—all is spot on. The reading also gives me great hope and faith on my spiritual path that I am meant to grow spiritually and reach the third eye and the spiritual form of my Master. And perhaps, with great discipline, it can be accelerated now that I am aware of the potentials. As for all my sharing, I greatly appreciate not only your willingness to wade through all of it, but to actually read underneath what I am saying and make sense of it. With you, everything I said somehow made sense, and you were able to tie it all together. Much of my life has all been such a mystery to me (and to the folks around me), but the veils are now being lifted with your work. I am empowered with information and Understanding, for my day to day work now and in the future. Please, feel my heartfelt tears of gratitude."
J. L., Iowa

"I found the natal chart report you did for me before to be one of the three major turning/learning points for me in a several-year-long growth period. Your words about tests and support felt so warm and comforting, so encouraging. Bless you."
C. C., Minnesota

"I want to tell you once again how much the write up of my natal chart means to me! Re-reading it makes me realize how precious it really is."—N.C., Iowa

"Your chart write up is wonderful, and I read it through once straight away, but have just started reading it again, to inwardly digest what is in it. It certainly seems extremely accurate about me!!  And you have written it so well. You certainly know your stuff!!!  I can't thank you enough for doing it for me, and doing it so amazingly well."
A.G., England

"The tape arrived today!  I just listened to it. It was a lot to absorb so I might have to listen again. Thanks again for all the work you put in the tape!"
M.G., New York

"I have to tell you that making the tape was hugely helpful for me and I thank you sincerely for making it. I absorb more and more information every time I listen to it. Being able to stop the tape and reflect on the information is invaluable to me. My natal chart speaks very accurately of me, Zane. The most precious gem that I have gleaned from this information is a feeling of permission to be as I am. At times, I've apologized in a way for aspects of myself or thought there was something wrong or very different about me. Though I have accepted myself more and more in recent years, I have to say that I feel even freer to be me since having this reading done. (I'm almost giddy!) You're obviously very gifted in reading charts."
L.B., Florida

"Your tape was wonderful!  You are a star!!!"
B.H., Brooklyn

"The chart write up is much appreciated and most interesting! Thank you for your work. I told my aunt about how great it was to receive this very special gift."
C.M., Michigan

"Let me thank you for being the Master with the key to interpret and understand my natal record. For me it was reaffirming to know the gifts I brought with me into this incarnation as well as the goals I undoubtedly committed to accomplish this time around. This chart is the best gift I could have given myself at this time. It helps to focus my energies, find peace and keep on keeping on. Please know I am very blessed by the quality and depth of your work in this arena."
N.C., Illinois

"Wow!  Impressive—lots of confirmations, new frameworks for thoughts, ideas to ponder . . . good stuff. Thank you for putting so many loving hours into doing my natal chart . . ."
D.S.J., Salem, Oregon

An Update Consultation to explore your upcoming trends for the current year

Your birth chart is both the context and content of your life as it unfolds.

There are predictable developmental stages that are programmed within the template of your astrological chart. These are the progressions and transits that are similar to an encoded story, which are activated and played out over the course of your life. To gain an understanding of these current and upcoming planetary cycles and relevant trends in your life, we can look at your present opportunities and challenges—such that a current progressed theme(s) generally becomes evident.

This in-depth look illuminates the larger, collective cycles we're all subject to, but that work in individual ways in your own personal chart over the course of your lifetime. This analysis provides understanding and a clear perspective whereby you can consciously flow with the present moment, which is continually offering new opportunities for inner growth, creative expression, and spiritual progress within the various levels of your being. Real change occurs from the inside out, and the current interior landscape reveals where your psyche is focused and what evolutionary steps you are potentially ready for.

Consultations are available by telephone or in person for an annual update or current issue(s) you want to address within the context of what's happening in your chart now. A session costs $225 and generally lasts from 60 to 90 minutes.

To contact me for an update session, please contact me.

Testimonials from Clients

"What a beautiful job you did preparing my update report! You express yourself so well, and it clearly must have taken hours and hours. I am reading just a bit at a time, to give my mind time to assimilate it all. Thank you again. I can feel your love in your writing."
C. C., Minnesota

"Thank you so very much for all your good work with our charts—amazingly informative. They certainly answered our questions as to what happened in August! "
C.K., Claremont, CA

"WOW!!!!!!!!!  PRECISION!!!!!!  AND YES TIMING!!!!!  I AM AMAZED AT YOUR REMARKABLE ABILTY AND CAPACITY!!!!!!  Now it is up to me to digest and understand. GRATITUDE X 10,000 ANGELS"
W.G., England

"I want to thank you so much for the reading on my chart. I really appreciate your wisdom. I'm kind of twisting around going in so many directions, wondering if it's all going to work. Your reading makes me feel like it will!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm printing it out for my wall to remind me where I can go!"
L.S., Los Angeles

The Rose Reading ©

The birth chart is your unique cosmic fingerprint.

You are likely aware of some version of the well-known truism, "As you think, so shall you be." The Buddha first made this statement over 2,500 years ago, and it is as true today. You craft yourself and your life by what you 'center' your thoughts on. It is a moment-by-moment, self-fulfilling creation of how you fashion your future today. By focusing on your innate strengths, abilities, resiliency, and wisdom, whatever you create will be positive. You gravitate naturally toward this encouraging, optimistic energy! Also, having a supportive person to confirm your natural inclinations and best attributes is an additional signpost toward truly 'following your bliss.' By living in such an authentic way, you put yourself into harmony with both your Higher Self and the Divine through appreciating and working with all that is finest about you.

The Rose Reading is intended to be such an affirmation of your light and goodness. A rose is the most perfect symbol of love. It also signifies a life lived for higher purposes, one that is fragrant, pure, and sweet through undergoing the many tests and trials of earthly incarnation. In the Ancient Wisdom, the rose is held as a sacred symbol for the highest possible degree of attainment—a symbol of the perfected soul.

The consultation is 60 minutes and costs $185.

To give yourself or one you love the gift of a Rose Reading, please contact me.

A Child's Promise

Each precious life is a promise waiting to actualize itself. A child, in one sense, is a new, clean slate. What is this being actually about? What are her or his natural inclinations, aptitudes, and gifts? What life path has this soul chosen? In what direction does her or his spiritual compass point?

Written in a simple, clear, and short fashion—generally 7-15 pages, this originally composed interpretation covers the significant themes that are highlighted in the chart and frequently reiterated throughout as major points of focus. This is a lovely gift for any parent or grandparent who seeks a concise portrait of their child or grandchild. The child may find it an interesting as well!

This report is for a child who is newborn to 13 years of age. The cost is $225 U.S. If the report has to be posted in the mail, please add an additional $5 U.S. to the cost.

Testimonials from Clients

"How quickly you have worked!  That is a wonderful reading of his chart.  I thank you heartily for doing this."
L.B., Canada

Horary Astrology

Horary astrology is an ancient and highly useful branch of astrology. It is my astrological specialty.

The purpose of Horary Astrology is to obtain an answer to a specific and clearly worded question that relates to a pressing concern or opportunity or to an issue that is currently disturbing. Horary is useful when you need guidance for an upcoming choice or action. The chart is set up for the exact moment when the question is plainly conveyed to me. The chart is, in essence, the birth of the your question. Your own birth time is not necessary for this technique, although there are times when it can be helpful.

There are many situations and circumstances that are best explored through horary. To provide you with some examples of the varying types of possible questions, here are a few that are suitable for a horary inquiry. Notice that each question has been clearly formulated and worded in an accurate and succinct way:

After carefully examining the horary chart, I prepare a written analysis (sent to you by email) that provides you with the answer. If you would like to see the actual horary chart, I can send that as well. The report can be written to include the pertinent astrological information, if you have some knowledge of astrology, or it can be written in a simple, understandable manner without any technical terms or astrological concepts. Be advised that the chart will not give exact details, like the salary you would be offered at your new job.

I am generally able to complete the analysis and report for your question in 4-7 days. If you need an urgent answer that cannot wait, please let me know the time frame, and I'll do my best to comply.

It is important for you to know there are some circumstances for which no valid reading of a horary chart is possible, because there are a number of traditional rules governing the practice of horary that must be honored. Should this occur with your question, no fee will be charged.

If you have a pressing concern, decision, or issue that horary can address, contact me to request a reading.

The cost of each question is $55.00 U.S.

Testimonials from Clients

"Thanks for doing the chart. I can see now why it was so complex. It should be very helpful. " L.P.C., Maine

"I just wanted to thank you once again for the time and excellent horary consultation. I sure appreciate you sharing your astological gifts!"
D.B., Texas

"Thank you for your wonderful work. The horary sounds exactly right. I needed to know what was going on."
M.S.S., Tennessee

When we humbly respect the profound accuracy of this ancient, divine art of horary practice and its amazing usefulness—when appropriate—we are blessed with guidance from Above, for truly horary reveals the sympathetic accord of our heart and mind with that of the Cosmos.

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