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Zane Maser

     …you may all be used according to your particular gifts. You may be a healer, a teacher, a musician, a writer, an artist: whatever your contribution to humanity, as you strive to attune yourself to the invisible planes so you will be used as a channel or a medium for the wise ones in the world beyond. …each one of you has come back into incarnation to develop a certain quality, which will be built into your higher body, your temple in the heaven world.

White Eagle

     A new discontent and restlessness will…develop unless the individual is doing what he individually is fitted for. A muscian must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write.

Abraham Maslow

Each time our soul chooses to continue its task towards self-mastery, it also chooses the exact moment to reincarnate when the planetary positions on the physical plane are most conducive and appropriate. This work is to further unfold our own God-given abilities, while honing the wisdom and hard-earned skills from past lives, through specific energy channels or signs of the zodiac most emphasized in our charts.

Each sign has its own unmistakable natural abilities, strengths, and talents. Each sign represents a type of consciousness, with its own gifts and ideal expression that is readily displayed by the advanced souls of that sign. This is, of course, the pinnacle of attainment for that sign and its ray that is worthy of our dedicated resolve—the Star of our highest aspirations. These advanced souls are the role models we must strive to emulate day by day so that eventually our own life too casts its gentle beauty in the sun. They are the way-showers toward the fulfillment of the highest virtues and nobility contained within the mystery and magic of each sign.

Unfortunately, many of us fit the sad comment by Sören Kierkegaard, namely that, 'There is nothing with which every man [or woman] is so afraid as getting to know how enormously much he [or she] is capable of doing and becoming.' Abraham Maslow, an American psychologist, put it this way, 'We may fear the godlike in us. The dangers and responsibilities of being a leader, of being out front and alone, may make us reluctant to recognize great talents in ourselves. Creative people attest to the need for courage in the moment of creation.' With a note of reality and humor, Maslow suggests that our organisms are just too weak for any large doses of greatness! The saving grace is, however, that we must gravitate toward what we think about, so by consciously embracing, in doses we can handle, the highest potential of each sign—its high calling—and allowing that perfect energy to permeate our being will we eventually embody those special qualities and gifts of wholeness that are the wonderful piece of labor and duty entrusted to us in a given lifetime. 'Each one of you has a part to play,' counsels White Eagle, 'and although you may feel insignificant, in the eyes of the wise you are of the utmost importance.'

White Eagle goes on to say that all expressions of work, service, and talents are valued equally and no one's service is greater than another's; he tells us that the simple soul working quietly in the background to help others (often those with earth and water emphasized) is as valuable as the person who leads or creates a sensation (likely one with fire and air predominant). From the Fragment of Hermes, we have the reminder that 'In the divine economy there is neither great nor small,' so 'small is like the large.' Each person, in the eyes of God, is on the path of unfolding growth and refinement.

If we think of the twelve signs of the zodiac as twelve facets of a jewel, then each sign is a facet of the total consciousness with its own unique brilliance and power. Each facet is equal in its value, contribution, and varying cosmic roles, though at times a particular facet may appear imbued with a greater visibility or color or sparkle or clarity or importance. Each facet may differ externally but all are manifestions of the same universal divine nature, and hence, each carries its own noteworthy opportunities, treasures, contentment, and perfection. Although each sign is equally necessary for the overall structure and splendor of the jewel, it is well to remember that some of the greatest contributions in life, such as love, compassion, joy, and optimism, often carry no outward packaging.

A given sign, in its integrity, is an individual facet or venue of attainment that touches neighboring facets and so connects the whole. One sign or facet, therefore, does not in and of itself a jewel make. We must, in our personal evolution of many lifetimes, experience and master the influences, lessons, and tests of each sign if we are to become a flawless jewel that ultimately shines in splendid perfection.

Delicate Balance within the Whole

To comprehend fully the laws of polarity inherent in the universe is to come into the possession of the mystery of life itself. The laws of opposites apply in every phase of earth living and from the combination of the two opposites a third force is born, higher than either force. This secret is hidden in the triangle, [which is the symbol of harmony and perfect balance].

Isabel Hickey

One of the five laws of the universe is the Law of Balance, which states that life moves in alternating rhythms and cycles within the positive/light and negative/dark lifestreams. What arises falls, what fills must empty, what shines also casts its shadow. The entire Universe operates within this expression of perfect yet shifting equilibrium as the outworking and blending of the polarity of opposites. This law is demonstrated in astrology by the positive/masculine and negative/feminine signs of the zodiac. Planets are also in polarity and rule opposite signs. When the Sun is in the sign of Aries, the full moon is in Libra, and vice versa, so both signs are always secreted within the other and both are required to make a whole. Additionally, almost every bodily function reveals an interaction between opposite and complementary signs. 'Alternating experiences of riches and poverty, achievement and failure, dominance or enslavement, and extrovert or introvert temperament,' writes Joan Hodgson in Reincarnation through the Zodiac, 'gradually bring to the soul that all-round experience which will lead it to complete self-mastery.'

Each sign of the zodiac expresses itself in high, self-affirming, positive ways (the focus of this article) and in self-centered, narrow, restricting ways. But both potential ways of manifesting, as well as everything in between, are still part of the whole inventory of that sign and must be understood and accepted. Opposite signs, Aries and Libra for example, are two interacting halves of a principle we have to master: in this case, the relationship between one's self and another and how we balance partnerships either harmoniously or discordantly.

Within our own psychological structure and personality, this same basic law of polarity functions. In addition to the part of us that we like to be known by, typically described as our persona in psychology and the Ascendant in astrology, there is also a darker side with traits we deem unacceptable and that we tend to deny, disallow, banish, and project. For a time, this worldly part of ourselves is often interested in raucous, desire-filled living; narrow self-interest; and accumulating as much power and prestige as possible. We must allow this negative part of the cycle of each sign to run its course in due time until the soul grows weary and bored, so that she or he can relinquish it and submit to a higher order, a higher quest. Psychological maturity follows.

To reach this juncture of a clear vision demands a consistent Homeric effort of self-awareness and understanding. This is the classic last battle of Armageddon where each soul must battle internally with its own elemental nature. Only then does a crucifixion on all planes of a person's being occur as the Christed individual comes forth. Thus the self-illumined soul is fully prepared to break the seven seals of the sacred Book referred to in Revelations—seven being the number of individual completeness or the perfection of the individual soul.

A mandatory part of self-realization, therefore, necessitates a wholeness of the personality, where the creative tension of opposing forces of good and bad, this or that, are completely healed. Only by acknowledging these equally valid and true parts of life, each of which serves its necessary evolutionary purpose, will we reach the holy place, the inward center of our being, the middle ground of integration. Sainthood, in the original meaning of the word, indicated a full-blooded assimilation of the fragmented components of our humanity into completeness, health, and holiness (all derived from the same Old English word signifying holy, wholesome, heal or healed, and hallowed).

Even the cross, the central symbol of Christianity, shows two axis blending in the center and encompassing the four elements of physical life. It provides the life-affirming framework for balancing the left and the right, the sowing and the reaping, the low and the high that is inherently part of the Universe—the perfect balancing of opposing polarities. A complete self-surrender and self-giving is the eventual outcome of the cross. This emptying of the little self so that the Higher self gains full expression is also the destiny of all twelve signs of the zodiac.

A generally unknown but equally valuable healing symbol from medieval Chrisitianity is the mandorla. A mandorla is made when two circles partly overlap and create a central almond-shaped segment. This symbol, which shows the overlap of the opposites, has been described as the integration of heaven and earth. The mandorla offers a lovely prototype of conflict resolution, of how we can reconcile the opposing forces of life, and the separative poles within ourselves, symbolized within each zodiac sign and its complementary or opposing sign. There is a beautifully engraved mandorla on a metal lid that covers the Chalice Well at Glastonbury near Somerset in England. The mandorla is a symbol similar to the six-pointed star in that all possible elements of life are held safely within the perfect blending of the two circles or the blending of the two equilateral triangles—not this or that, but some of the highest embodiment of both.

Although this article is presented in a simplistic way of emphasizing the twelve signs in their complementary pairs, a whole collection of complex factors interact to effect a person in a given lifetime. Life is not unfortunately a single task or as straight-forward and easy as simply mastering the high road of one sign, but juggling the array of all the factors of the signs and their respective masculine or feminine mode, houses, multiple aspects that assist or frustrate, the elemental balance of the chart, and the quadriplicities. It is nevertheless worthwhile to focus on the Law of Balance as it works through the six pairs of complementary signs. It is not my intent to minimize but rather to honor the enormous consistent effort and self-determination it requires over a span of many lives to first find and then traverse the high road of each sign.

The Aries/Libra Polarity and How it Blends


     Anyone can become angry—that is easy, but to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way—this is not easy.


When the Sun enters the sign of Aries on March 20-21, it is the time of the surging abundant energy of spring when there is new hope and promise of young, supple life. The heart opens in joy, enthusiasm, and renewed vitality for a fresh beginning is underway. Life is once again resurrected. Aries is a cardinal sign in which the outpouring of energy is readily available for new endeavors and creative achievement. Aries is ruled by the great energizer of the zodiac, Mars, the planet of individualisation and skill in action.

Mars brings to Aries, the sign of battle and the war-lord, tremendous freewill and freedom of thought and action, where eventually the illumined sword of the spirit and divine truth triumphs over the self-centered, personal desires of the frontal mind and the storm-tossed emotions of the little everyday self. Joan Hodgson describes this as the soul learning to 'transmute the fire of self-will into the clear flame of selfless love.' It is not surprising that the lesson of Aries is the wise use of love in action, of power balanced by love.

The energy of Aries brings to the soul a large dose of self-confidence and an ardor to daringly stretch the limits, to fearlessly excel, to organize and be in the forefront. With clear vision and a strong will, Aries blazes original trails into untrodden territory with incredible power, stamina, and determination, thus opening the path for less gritty souls. Aries energy gives a fervent enjoyment of living, as well as the capabilities and aptitudes to master physical life in practical, athletic, artistic, medical, and scientific domains. The Martian ray gives the soul a fighting spirit to courageously survive reversals, setbacks, detours, and to cope with the contrary fluctuations life brings, where less bodacious, enduring souls would easily crumple.

Aries, which rules the head and limited personal consciousness, is the sign of the Second Death. Herein lies the fundamental mystery and high calling of this Martian sign of personal drive. Through experiencing the whole gamut of full immersion in physical matter and materialism, as well as the ecstasies and lamentations of the emotional and mental levels, the soul begins to have a practical understanding of how to endure and succeed. Hence, the soul acquires first-hand experience, wisdom, and power to control itself and matter. Only in this way is the individuality and strong sense of self justly earned through dynamic pioneering and an iron self-discipline. Aries' journey is represented by Mars' exaltation in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn, which is actually the sign of the priest who is concerned with transforming worldly desire into an all-pervasive craving for union with the Divine Parentage. The harmonizing of the polarities of the Sun (exalted in Aries) and of Saturn (Capricorn's ruler) are also shown here.

Eventually, by this robust embodiment of life, the very atoms of earth and the outer self begin to transform and irradiate a power gained through sacrifice and crucifixion of the old self-concerned way. The center of gravity within the ego, desire-filled personality becomes realigned and relocated to an illuminated center far greater than one's self. Extinguished of self and dead to the old world, the magical flame of selfless, transmuted love burns steady and true within the kindly Arien heart where self-mastery reigns. The warrior, having resolutely prepared for the service that beckons, becomes harmonized and ennobled with the will to accept the Divine Will. The exaltation of the Sun in Aries portrays this hero's/heroine's journey where the glow of the eternal Flame shines perfectly through the enlightened human consciousness.


     I pray thee, O God, that I may be beautiful within.


The richly-colored season of autumn, when the bounty of the harvest sown spilleth over, is the time when the Sun enters the sign of Libra around September 22-23. Libra is the Venus-ruled sign of partnerships and marriage with the ultimate attainment at a deeper level of the inner mystical marriage of the soul with Christ. Here the culmination of the quest is union with God. Contented isolation is not the task for Libra. This is the cardinal air sign, so the keenly perceptive mental gifts are used in the pursuit of beauty, harmony, dispassion, and perfection in both its environment and in relationships where individual lacks become wholeness in partnerships. Continuing tests of give and take, cooperation and rivalry, affiliation and aloneness form part of the central learning curve for this sign.

The advanced souls on the Venusian ray demonstrate a natural sense for proportion and symmetry, as well as an intuitive bent to pursue the path of moderation and compromise. Their outlook will be broad and universal. Having reached a high degree of equilibrium and dispassion, some of their finest qualities are gentleness, tolerance, mercy, diplomacy, peace-making, and far-sighted vision. There will have been a tremendous inner urgency to strive towards balance, justice, and equity, which manifests in achieving the core lesson of Libra: kindly brotherhood in action expressed through human relationships and how those are delicately adjusted for the good of the whole. In time, with many experiences of joy and pain, there will come a subtle blending of an active mind with gentle and loving feelings when the person is able to selflessly encourage and comfort in brotherly ways.

The Law of Equilibrium is precisely demonstrated in the symbol for Libra—the Scale of Absolute Justice. In a larger sense, its function is to reconcile the positive and negative lifestreams. This Scale of Truth, on the personal level, is used to sift and set straight the balance of the harvest sown of our every thought, word, and act; cosmic law dictates these constructive or destructive effects are inescapable! This equalizing is achieved largely by stilling the active mind and body through the mastered power of creative thought. Thus the high calling for the Venusian soul working in the sign of Libra is to attain the point of perfect balance (the 'middle way') between the mind and heart, between the lower, self-concerned personality and the Higher self. The results are the realization of beauty and harmony in all departments of life. The energy of Libra is unifying, both within and without, and this soul will intuitively strive toward the indivisibility of all life as an interrelated, systemic whole, like the sparkles of a fine jewel as its facets catch rays of sunlight.

Another high-road quest for Libra is learning to stand firm within without vacillation or capitulation to stronger personalities. Each soul must be totally true to her or his own inner light and distinctive vision, to be unswayed by another's perspective of truth or that person's path, but to remain steadfastly centered on the point of balance within her or his own heart. Venus, the planet of grace and love, then confers its heavenly blessings, joy, and consolation on the soul for having passed the potent tests of Libra, which is possibly why Saturn, the bringer of structure and responsibility, is exalted in Libra, for it is the bridge between the lower and Higher selves.

Mars and Venus

     The gentle harmonising power of Venus must so balance that of her partner Mars that the fierce fires of desire are transmuted into the warmth and radiance of selfless love, combined with a rock-like strength of purpose..

Joan Hodgson

Mars and Venus manifest in life in a completely different manner but are, nevertheless, opposite poles of the same principle. Their combined influences play a crucial part in the endless cycle of the rhythm and harmony of life. Their symbols represent this clever duality: Mars' symbol shows the spiritual flame and life force struggling to manifest in and through matter, while Venus' symbol reveals spirit firmly residing over matter sculpting it into beauty. These planets are involved with the earthing of the creative fire and with the birth and death of the outermost form. Mars leads as the fighter and war-lord, whereas Venus is the peace-making diplomat who loathes to fight or the creative artisan who molds material into aesthetic symmetry.

These planets are indicators of the pain/sorrow and the joy/freedom gained in physical life through the entire gamut of emotional and mental experiences. Both planets work through the emotional life or astral body. The individual Martian expression and creativity must always be controlled and balanced by the Venusian awareness and needs of others. The driving energy of Mars/Aries strengthens the separate 'I' so that the outer and inner 'We' of Venus/Libra can be consummated. Another way to state this is that together these energies signify personal love ranging from the coarsest desire and passion to the supreme sacrifice of selfless, divine love. Mars' powerful creative drive on the physical level is requisite to the tangible expression of Venus' sensitive response to beauty. The creation of order, harmony, and beauty is the highest potential outworking of the Martian fire. Conjointly, the self-control, strength, and strict, steady discipline of Saturn's exaltation in Libra augments Venus' perfect embodiment of loveliness.

Taurus/Scorpio Polarity and How it Blends


I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams

W. B. Yeats

Around April 20-21 when the Sun enters the fixed earth sign of Taurus, the first flush of new life is spent and the quiet progression of opening flower and unfurling leaf display their perfection in form. Spring is settling in. A steady rhythm takes over as the great pulse of life energy becomes even and ordered, sustained and concentrated. It is said that Taurus brings forth the fullness of resurrected life. In Taurus, there is a great heart connection with all nature and its intrinsic splendor. Taurus is the other Venus-ruled sign and its function is to beautify and refine matter that is at its densest and vibrating at its slowest. Taurus, most often known as the builder and the sign of perfected physical form, is likely the most stable, practical sign of the zodiac, representing sheer strength, great stamina, and endurance.

Taurus' primary concern relates to substance on all its levels, from the subtlest to the most material, where the person will work with diligence to attain physical comfort and security, acquiring wealth, possessions, pleasure, and luxury along the way—all symbols for earthly power gained through some form of service. Part of Taurus' wealth comes from a compassionate and sensitive nature to the needs of others. This sign resonates with routine that can become almost ritualistic, ceaseless patience, and a loving readiness to build slowly but with firm determination for the future. Creative, artistic endeavors call to the kindly, gentle soul of Taurus, which is normally gifted in art, music, voice, and rhythm. Taurus has strong, loyal affections and powerful instincts to protect and preserve all that it encompasses and most deeply cherishes. The soul lesson of Taurus is service through love in all its facets, on all planes of being, because Love is the unconditional building block of the Universe.

A telling way to describe Taurus is with the words 'I possess' or 'mine.' One lesson of Taurus is to learn how to properly spend one's energies by building a comfortable, secure foundation upon which a person's sense of values becomes manifest. For a time, there may be an over-indulgence in amassing resources of all kinds or a mis-use of possessions, power, and love. There can be a tendency to clutch and a difficulty letting go. One becomes caught in the illusory dream that outer, physical life represents all existence. But before a person can fully understand relinquishment, she or he must experience a consuming desire to acquire and to 'own.' In the end, one is awakened to the fact that she or he is merely a temporary custodian of ephemeral physical matter, be it in abundance or in scarcity.

This is all part of the deepest teaching of the fixed earth sign: treasures are either stored where they can rust, decay, and be lost, or laid up in heaven where they are perpetually safe. When true spiritual principles are understood and used as the motivation, all material work in the world begins to manifest the beauty and perfection of spirit in matter. Grace Cooke would describe this as the vital choice between the materialization of spirit or the spiritualization of matter. For Taurus, molding and mastering physical matter is simply the outermost testing ground in which spirit finally transmutes the physical atoms into the eternal gold.

Taurus rules the throat and voice. Eventually from the throat chakra, the advanced soul is able to utter the living Word, the magical sound that awakens the sleeping soul out of the dream of the falsity and emptiness of material values. In this way Taurus is given by its rulership the power to awaken itself from too great a reliance on outer worldly measures, acceptability, and the trance of conformity.

The high quest for Taurus becomes 'owing' without being owned, 'possessing' without being possessed, for one owns only what one can hold with detachment and release with grace and ease. Thus, embodied within relinquishment is a sense of freedom from desires without any sense of love, beauty, or security lost. What in fact remains is full freedom of choice. It is also the realization that faith becomes all the substance one needs, because any form of substance is a direct result of faith. And inner security and peace, like eternal gold, is a direct consequence of a correct set of values aimed towards the light of heaven. Life's eternal blessings are showered upon those who have let go and unconditionally given of their love.

The fundamental issue for the Taurus/Scorpio polarity is to overcome their enormous fear of loss (of material possessions, people, viewpoints, and illusions) and to realize this state of complete detachment and desirelessness. In the words of Joan Hodgson, 'Taurus and Scorpio test the ability of the soul to see beyond the fragile illusion of form to the eternal reality.'

Another part of the high road of Taurus is the ultimate manifestation of an immortalized physical body beyond the touch of aging and death. The Moon, symbol of the feminine or soul life, as well as the soul of nature, is exalted in Taurus. Through the Moon and its Venusian ruler, Taurus becomes inextricably linked with inner magic or the hidden side of life. The Moon naturally rules Cancer, the sign of family and the home, and this silvery queen is the symbol of divine motherhood. The beautiful qualities of wise mothering are exemplified perhaps most comfortably and lovingly in Taurus than in any other sign. The planet of the great mother can also help Taurus to understand that a person's true home and family reside within the world of spirit—not in the outer physical world, which is only another fleeting opportunity to build additional harmony, beauty, and grace into one's permanent soul temple.

With its deep-seated link to the natural world, Taurus can teach much about the rhythmic ebb and flow of life's energy. Nature effortlessly changes a plant from a bulb to a bud, a blossom to compost, and once again to atoms borrowed from the atomic interchange of the eons. Nature moves in perfect rhythm from season to season to season all in ordered harmony. It does not attempt to remain static or stubbornly cling to the current phase of its existence or resist the next. Nature, a constant becoming, simply transforms and transmutes itself without friction or burden, without fear or loss.


What other dungeon is so dark as one's own heart! What jailer so inexorable as one's self?.

Nathaniel Hawthorne

When the Sun enters the fixed water sign of Scorpio on October 23-24, the autumn equinox has passed and the days of half light, half dark have given way to days where more darkness prevails. The fullness of nature has been mostly shed and trees stand essentially naked. The intense colors of autumn are now a memory. Quiet rest and inwardness settles over the land, so that nature has time to internalize its energies. Life becomes balanced with less outward activity and more internal concentration. The characteristic odors of decomposing leaves and vegetation hovers over the land as the necessary nutriments are being released into the soil. Through apparent chaos and death, the cellular change of organic nutrients into compost provides the basis for rebirth of next spring's abundance when the Sun's strength again waxes. Old, outworn forms give way to stronger, richer new life.

Scorpio, as sign of deep often treacherous waters, represents control or mastery over our turbulent emotional nature (Mars involves the mental level also). Its classic symbol is that of the still waters of the soul, and the soul lesson is divine peace, the peace of spirit. Lasting peace is a direct result of transcending all ego-centered desires. White Eagle gives a most helpful mantra for the ultimate victory for this mystical sign, 'As the still water reflects the sky, so the calm soul reflects the image of Christ.'

Scorpio is a penetrating energy of extreme emotional intensity not easily known or fathomed, because it often presents as a strong reserve and a calm exterior that conceals a drive for privacy and secrecy. In this sign, there is abundant creativeness, great resourcefulness, and recuperative powers, as well as tremendous drive and endurance—all of which in their highest expression can be used towards self-discipline and transmutation of self-centered desires and power mongering into a selfless use of power for the healing and blessing of others. Truly, the dynamic energy of Mars working through Scorpio's intensity can be a catalytic agent that hastens personal evolution and that of others.

Veiled and hidden in mystery, Scorpio is a power sign. The core phrase for Scorpio is 'I create' from the level of the poisonous scorpion to the arisen freedom of the phoenix out of the ashes of its dead self. The waters of Scorpio preside over the deepest secrets of generation, degeneration, and regeneration on both the outer and inner levels of life. The realms of sex, death, endings, and transformation come under its domain, while Mars, both warrier and seer, is its ruler, with Pluto its octave ruler. Pluto is the ultimate agent of annihilation, so it will dismantle false values right down to the depths of decay and ruin. Pluto, the most mysterious planet, serves in the dual capacity as the eliminator and the renewer. Scorpio then provides an individual the window of opportunity for immortality. In the Book of St. John, Pluto could be aptly described by, 'Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God' (John 3:3).

In Scorpio, this dismantling must happen first within the psyche of the self and in one's own unregenerated emotional nature, so that the formidable desire nature can reorient towards selfless devotion and spiritual illumination. This realignment is greatly augmented by the positive fire of Mars, which destroys for a purpose, and the transforming energy of Pluto that literally changes the atomic structure. The soul then encounters the highest calling and final secret of Scorpio—the mastery of death through the complete dissolution of the personal ego and its desires. Scorpio is the sign wherein transfiguration and resurrection must take place. Having attained the heights of self-acquiesence by rechanneling its tremendous energy, a great victory occurs, for what is known as the Dove-Scorpio personality emerges. He or she is able to work with the same hidden strength and drive, yet the redeemed motivation is to have by not holding, to receive by not possessing, to bring joy and encouragement into the hearts of others, to be the natural healer and surgeon, the mystic and true server of humanity.

Venus and Mars

For it is an equal reality that if Man cannot make (or know) love, he will make war. If the sharp sword of Mars is not tempered by Venus into an instrument of procreation, it will inevitably become an instrument of death.

Alan Oken

As the ruler of Taurus, Venus strives to beautify and refine on the physical level, so that eventually all perfected matter radiates with the spiritual essence within it. In the air sign of Libra, Venus works more on the mental plane where the thought world seems every bit as real as the physical world. Here the perception of beauty, harmony, and balance, as they are conceived in one's mind, experienced in one's environment, and played out in loving partnerships and social interactions, are much more important than in the more concrete life of Taurus. And with Venus as one of the planets of fortune, she can readily bestow her many gifts when these two signs are emphasized or when Venus is herself well placed. Her role as patroness of the arts is to inspire and lend her grateful protection to the imaginative expressions of these two multi-talented, peace-loving signs.

Mars, often known as sheer animal energy and the ruler of the desire nature, is the force that destroys and transforms energy from the outer (Aries) to the inner planes of being (Scorpio). This Martian energy is fearless and dynamic and its correct use makes a selfless leader, saint or healer, whereas its misuse creates a psychopath or a doer of evil deeds who inflicts pain and terrible suffering. In Aries, Mars ushers in new life and energy on the physical plane; it is the birth of the separate self. In the sensitive, transcendental waters of Scorpio, it gives the all-consuming desire to possess life at its fullest, with an underlying desire for deeper realisation of the unity with one's Higher self and with the Divine. Here, in Scorpio, Mars oversees the destruction and death of the outer personality and the birth of the psychologically mature, integrated individual.

Mars operates in Scorpio much more cautiously and with greater complexity than in firey, impetuous Aries. Aries' battlefield is outward in life, but for Scorpio, the battleground is within the self and the senses, where the Martian energy retreats to become contained, concentrated, and incredibly powerful. Scorpio, together with the force of Pluto, its octave ruler, is able to penetrate the forbidding territory of its own interior—a world untouched by death—to unravel the complex mysteries both of its own being and of creation.

Long ago, Gautama Buddha gave us the central gem for the polarity of Venus and Mars when he wisely cautioned that 'Hatred does not cease by hatred at any time; hatred ceases by love. This is an old rule.' Thus, out of the ashes of the lower nature and spent desires (Mars) arises the golden heart of purified love (Venus).


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© Zane Maser 2001.

This article originally appeared in Altair, The Journal of The White Eagle School of Astrology: Volume IX, No.2, pages 9-22, August 2001.

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